Nest Takeover. And Nanday Chatter at the Salt Marsh.

Oh, I thought, now they have abandoned me. I have been buried under a huge project and not made it to the salt marsh for over a week, and now nobody was home. At the first glance, the marsh looked abandoned. Even the Osprey nest was empty.

empty nest ud45No Muscovy Duck and no Moorhens on the water. The sun peeked out and I decided to walk around the marsh. When I reached half way towards the other end, I spotted the Mayor! He was busy in his office on a Sunday, much like me.

great blue heron ud45Then I saw a bird from a distance. It looked like a Kingfisher. But when I raised my camera, it was gone. I looked around and found him – happily taking in the views at the Osprey nest (sorry for the poor quality as I had to shoot against the sun).

kingfisher ud45The Kingfisher was enjoying the big birds’ house! But that adventure came to an abrupt end in a minute. Mama Sandy arrived. She was wet and quite upset.

wet and angry mama osprey ud45And right after, Papa Stanley was there too. Where did they both come from so quickly?

papa osprey arrived ud45Nest occupations don’t last long at the salt marsh. I decided to continue my walk and spotted a cormorant hiding in the high grass.

cormorant ud45Walking back towards the nest, I met a beautiful Mourning Dove. She was busy having lunch in the grass.

mourning dove UD45And then, suddenly, there were more birds. Several Night Herons had come out from the bushes, juveniles and adults.

juvenile yellow-crowned night heron ud45

yellow-crowned night heron ud45And the young Muscovy Duck was back too, on his favorite spot at the water installation.

muscovy duck ud45The Moorhens were back too, and a squirrel was climbing up a palm tree to get a good look at it all. Now things were back in order.

squirrel 2 ud45I went back to say bye to the Osprey couple. They were as handsome as ever. And posed for a joint portrait.

mama osprey and papa oprey ud45Sandy was still wet…and now she was hungry too. She started asking for her lunch fish. Stanley pretended not to hear her. He was unmoved and stared at me instead.

mama osprey asks for fish ud45I was waiting for him to oblige, but couldn’t wait too long. I had to get back home. So, as usual, I walked home on the bayside. Some Brown Pelicans were flying at the distance, and the beautiful Snowy Egret (featured image) was at the same spot as I had found her a week ago. Suddenly I heard Osprey speak. It was Stanley. Probably telling Sandy he would get her a fish after all.

papa osprey flying ud45He settled on Marriott’s roof to scan the bay for fish.

papa osprey snanning for fish ud45But he didn’t stay long. He took off after a few minutes and flew over the bay.

papa osprey goes fishing ud45Finally I could witness his fishing expedition! But no. He flew far off to the south and I lost sight of him. A bit disappointed I walked home. Only to get a nice consolation prize right at our driveway. I heard familiar, loud chatter. Wild Nanday Parakeets were on the move. A family of eight landed on a palm tree right in front of me. All but one of them were busy playing hide and seek and impossible to capture.

nanday parakeet 2 ud45This one friendly individual was curious about me and posed nicely so I could capture her beauty from all angles.

nanday parakeet ud45Happy after seeing my friends had not abandoned me, I came back home. For the next 2-3 months I will not be able to post or read as much as I would like to. I hope all friends will be as understanding as these guys at the salt marsh. I will have some (work related) adventures coming up soon so I’m hoping to bring you a few posts that are a bit different, while still trying to keep up with the excitement of the nesting season at the salt marsh.

Have a great week ahead. Much love from all of us.


76 thoughts on “Nest Takeover. And Nanday Chatter at the Salt Marsh.”

  1. I was wondering when you would come up for air, my friend. 🙂 Nice to see you for a moment. Wonderful pictures as usual. It’s nice all your feathered friends decided to come out just as you were taking your walk.

    1. I got a breath of fresh air today, yay! And saw many of the residents, although they were fewer than normal. I hope they haven’t moved, but are just visiting somewhere 🙂 Will msg soon. Hugs!

  2. After so much activity it must have been a worry to see an empty nest. Still it looks like they feel your energy when you arrive and they come out yelling! We will miss you around Helen. I hope it all goes well and don’t forget to come up for air every now and then. 🙂

    1. It was a bit eerie when I first arrived, but then, to my relief, more and more birds showed up. I’m hoping to do one more walk this coming weekend before my travels, and will try to check in every now and then. Reading what my friends, like you, post is coming up for air for me 🙂

  3. What a marvelous welcoming committee you had! Your photos are superb as always, Helen. The Kingfisher didn’t stand a chance of keeping his perch, once Papa Stanley arrived. 🙂 Wishing you all the best for your work related adventures. My blogging will have slow down too, as I prepare for our big move in a couple of weeks. xx

    1. Oh, I’ve never seen a fleeing bird as fast as the Kingfisher 🙂 I hope to manage one more walk to check on Sandy – I’m sure she’s pregnant 🙂 before I travel to Africa next week. I wish you all the best with the big move, that’s a lot of work but will be so worth it!

    1. No, unfortunately everyone thinks it’s impossible to make repairs now when the couple has already settled for the nesting season. I’m just crossing my fingers that we don’t get huge storms before the chick(s) can fly. It’s a bit scary. I hope to get in some “nature stuff”, even a tiny bit, on my travel starting next week so it will not be planes, hotels and offices only.

    1. You may be right…they all appeared at the same time 🙂 I’m leaving for Africa next week, but hope for one more salt marsh walk before that. I want to see if Sandy has laid eggs already.

  4. I love this post, Helen! I will miss your birds, best wishes for your work related adventure. Looking forward to your new, different posts. 🙂

    1. Thank you Amy! I’m still here this week, will leave for a short work trip to Africa next week…hope to see at least one tiny lion 🙂

    1. I hope to get in one more visit to check on the pregnant Sandy before I’m off next week. Do you have these wild parakeets too? Apparently the bay area is the only one with a sizable population in the wild.

      1. We do have some wild parrots and parakeets around. But I’ve never got as good a look at one as I did from your photos. So, thanks!

        have a wild time in Africa!

  5. I love how they play hide and seek and then come out to play with you Helen! The shot of Stanley and Sandy looking out to the side is lovely! Those parakeets make me smile 😃
    Good luck with the work project .. and finding your time for nature and balance. xo

    1. Oh, these guys almost scared me…I thought maybe there’s something wrong with the water, but luckily many of them appeared 🙂 These wild parakeets are very beautiful, lively and loud! I’m hoping to catch one more walk before my travels next week…and will really try to get some time for nature on my trip. Seeing a lion again would be cool 😉

        1. I was close to be routed through Dallas, but managed to avoid going west to go east. I just hope my pics are not all from conference rooms 🙂 Thanks Val ❤

  6. Another wonderful adventure with you Tiny! I held my breath while reading. I surely thought you were going to say someone else had taken residence in the Osprey family nest! Good to hear all seems right at the marsh. Even though you may not report as much as you’d like or we’d like, I’m sure your other adventures will be just as exciting. Much happiness in what you are doing. Be well Tiny! 🙂 Hugs, Koko

  7. LOVED this post, Helen! So many outstanding captures, I’m glad the Mayor brought everyone together before you had to depart the marsh. The joint portrait for Sandy and Stanley is so gorgeous, I absolutely love it. All the photos…WOW! Seeing your comment on your trip soon to Africa, can’t wait to see what you capture when you return! Happy Shooting in Africa!

    1. Thank you Donna. Believe it or not, I missed my “salt marsh crew” when I was away. I had a very good trip, but unfortunately I had to say goodbye to my dear dog soon after I came home.

  8. Loved seeing these beautiful Parakeets Tiny. I have not seen these before, and what a gift to get the opportunity to get such great shots! It is always a great read to read whats going on in your salt marsh community!

    1. Thank you my friend. Unfortunately I had to say goodbye to my dear dog a few days after I came home. Have not yet gotten back to the salt marsh.

      1. That’s so sad Tiny that your little dog had passed away, that must be so upsetting for you. Praying you recover soon and get back to normal with life in the salt marsh, hugs my friend:-)

  9. Another beautiful post with fabulous bird photos and a bit of adventure,dear Tiny!I particularly like the pose of the “squatter”,the Kingfisher and the direct action of the happy couple to protect their property.The Muscovy Duck has such a showy plumage and the Mourning Dove is really beautiful!You were so lucky to spot the happily playing Parakeets on the palm tree.The colours of their feathers are fascinating!Have a safe trip and a wonderful time.Your salt marsh friends will miss you … Take care 🙂

      1. Oh,no,no, my dear friend Tiny;that’s really tragic,the hardest moment ever.When my beloved Lab,Edward, crossed over the rainbow bridge,I was devastated and away from all my social sites for a long time,I could see only vanity behind everything.I know this bitter feeling,I sympathise with you,I feel deeply sad,my friend.Take care ~ * ~

        1. Thank you dear Doda. I felt that I should talk about him because so many blogging friends had “met” him on my blog, and also had read his story in the book. Supportive comments from friends have provided much comfort in the middle of this sadness.

          1. I’ve just left my humble comment under Bumble,the sweetest baby,the loveliest boy … You broke my heart,dear Tiny ♥ Which book is the one with his story?Can you send me the title ? Thank you ♥

            1. Thank you my dear friend. The book where he “told” his story is titled “Confessions of a Rescue Dog” and it is available on Amazon worldwide. All the proceed have gone and will go to help homeless animals to find new homes.

  10. I’ve just bought it,it’ll arrive in a couple of weeks,but I’ve a sample available in my Kindle Cloud,in the Library.Bumble will be well-treasured.Thank you,dear Helen …

    1. Thank you! The donations from the book sales will now continue in Bumble’s memory. That Humane Society shelter is “no-kill”and all dogs, cats, birds and other pets abandoned by people get a home there until someone adopts them. They all thank you ❤

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