Mysteries in the Fog. Big Guns. And Other Adventures on Amelia Island.

“Look farmor”! For those uninitiated in Swedish language the latter stands for grandma. “There’s a big bird, take a picture”! That was my fellow photographer, aged 5, pointing at the foggy skies. As you can see, I followed her advice. A Brown Pelican was indeed flying in the mist over the ocean scanning for fish. Unfortunately it was not successful, but who would’ve been? The fog effectively merged the sky and the white hats on the ocean.

pelican in the fogDespite the fog and the wind, our trip to Little Talbot Island, one of the few undeveloped barrier islands in North Florida, was one of discovery. We had a wonderful, energetic “guide”, aged less than 2, who picked up some of the small treasures in the sand for closer examination.

our little guideAnd pointed out a few big ones. Like this mysterious palm trunk that had spent a considerable time traveling in the ocean. It had to be investigated.

palm trunk drift wood We also spotted a lone soul on the ocean braving the wind and the rough seas. And a gull keeping an eye on him.

wave runner at LTI beach gull flying on LTI beach On a sunny day, this beautiful beach would probably have been very busy, but we had it all for ourselves. Apart from a couple of Western Sandpipers.

Little Talbot Island beach on a foggy winter morningwestern sandpiper Walking back from the beach with a bag full of treasures, the Leap Pad photographer took pictures of the boardwalk and the sand dunes. She already has a well developed eye for discovering interesting items to shoot in the nature.

leap pad photographer little Talbot Island board walk But the excitement was not over yet. Our journey continued to Amelia Island. Despite the dense fog we could enjoy some beautiful views from the car windows.Once on Amelia Island, we drove along the Canopy Road leading to Fort Clinch State Park.

canopy road amelia island Our adventure would continue at this historic fort, built in 1847. It served as a military post during the Civil War, Spanish-American War and World War II.

fort clinch The fort stands on a hill facing open waters. Already the draw bridge and the outer walls were impressive.

fort clinch draw bridge fort clinch outer wallAnd the buildings inside the fort were surrounded by big cannons. Quite a few out of the originally 77 big guns still remained in place.

fort clinch buildings cannons at fort clinch We climbed up to the watch tower ruins through some very narrow, winding iron stairs. Those days they didn’t bother about railings,  and it was more like climbing up inside a chimney, but up we came. On a clear day the view would’ve been fantastic, but now we could hardly distinguish the water from the sky.

view from fort clinch at the wall of fort clinchTo our delight, we could also tour many of the buildings. We found sleeping quarters, dining halls, captains quarters, and a prison. All of which had to be documented by the two photographers. By this time, our guide was out of energy and had to replenish it by taking a short nap.

sleeping quarters fort clinch dining room at fort clinch captains quarters at fort clinch prison cell at fort clinch When we had climbed enough and examined everything, a Union soldier entertained us by playing jolly old melodies on his flute.

union soldier plays flute at fort clinch From the fort, our adventure continued to the historic district of Amelia Island. A  fun and “artsy” place.  Art works were displayed inside and outside the galleries, Christmas decorated shop windows and streets dotted with pirates and birds that didn’t fly away from the photographers. Cool shops where our young photographer and the little guide, now reinvigorated, could try their hand on all kinds of modern inventions. Entertaining indeed.

art in a window art on the ground hist district Amelia Island shop window Amelia Islandpirate Amelia Islandwooden flamingo Amelia IslansBy the time our shopping was done it was getting dark. Our troops were ready for dinner at the seaside. Tired, but happy like the shrimp greeting us outside the restaurant.

the shrimp statue at Amelia IslandThat was a foggy good adventure! Thank you for tagging along.

54 thoughts on “Mysteries in the Fog. Big Guns. And Other Adventures on Amelia Island.”

    1. I hope to do that at some point. She’s very interested in photography so I’m thinking to get her a real small camera with better pixels than her Leap Pad.

  1. What a beautiful outing with your granddaughter, Tiny, such precious times! My eldest grandson is coming to stay with us this weekend on his own, this will be his first time away from his family. You had quite an adventure, and yes, maybe you could post some of your young explorer’s pics farmor:-) Thanks for sharing such interesting and beautiful islands in Florida.

    1. Both these girls enjoyed the adventure with parent and farmor! The 5 y.o. is very interested in nature, she sees every flower and every bird, and is now into photography. That makes farmor happy 🙂 The weather could have been better, but since it didn’t rain until during dinner time, we had a great day.

    1. It was great fun, Val. The dense fog made it just a tad mysterious and spooky 🙂 The shrimp was a great predictor for really good food! XO

  2. Thank you for taking me back to Amelia Island. We spent a few days there visiting friends and were thrilled with Amelia and neighboring places. You showed some inviting pictures of places we did not get to. Must plan a return visit soon!

    1. You’re welcome. The weather could have been better, but at least it didn’t rain, so we could enjoy the outdoors the whole day. There’s so much to see!!

  3. What a lovely adventure with your young granddaughter. Amelia Island looks like a really fun place and the old fort must have been so fascinating to explore.It’s always wonderful to see things through a child’s eyes, and it seems that your little companion enjoyed everything she saw. 🙂

    1. My fellow photographer had a blast, even at the fort, so much exciting stuff to explore. She made me climb up to the tower 🙂 The second one, the little “guide”, had her high point on the beach where she could run around and dig in the sand. She was “done” by the time we went to the fort and took a nap 🙂 It’s a great place to visit, gorgeous in the spring!

    1. That shrimp was a predictor for excellent cuisine in the restaurant! Everything was absolutely delicious. A great ending to our three generations’ adventure day 🙂

    1. Thank you! I’m sure we will repeat the trip in the spring/summer. There is so much to see for all age groups. Including the young like me 🙂

    1. We had two in the youngest age group, and both of them enjoyed the adventures. The little one took a short nap in the afternoon and was soon ready to run again 🙂

    1. It is a wonderful place to explore. So much to see, and very beautiful everywhere you go, but the weather was in its foggy mood. We were happy it didn’t rain until we sat down for dinner.

    1. This was a great three generational trip. So much to explore that I hope we can go there again with a bit better weather. That shrimp advertised excellent cuisine 🙂

  4. How much fun!!! You did very well considering the apparent energy of your guide!! 😉 I love Amelia Island…I have some fond memories there through the years. Thanks, Tiny…many blessings to you ♡♡

    1. Yes, it was fun! And I hope your little guide will take us there again in better weather. I’m up to the challenge 😉 Many blessings to you too, Lorrie ❤

  5. About three years ago our son and daughter-in-law, who live in Georgia near the Florida border, took us to Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island. My husband is fond of turtles and they couldn’t wait to show him the turtles living in the dunes between the parking lot and the beach. We stayed on the boardwalk for the longest time watching them go about their business. It was a wonderful treat! Now, after reading your post, I can see there is a lot more we can see and do on Amelia Island!

    1. Yes, there is so much to do! We only scratched the surface in one day. We didn’t go to Fernandina beach as we had already explored the Little Talbot Island beach on our way there. Next time it’ll be the turtles 🙂

    1. That’s a beautiful place to walk down memory lane, David. These were my first memories from there, but I hope for more. And will order sunshine for that day.

  6. Thanks for taking us along on your adventure, Tiny, it looks like a good time was had by all. Sometimes those adventures, when you’re surrounded by fog and not a lot of tourists, turn out to be the best.

    1. Yes, it was lots of fun, and due to the fog many people were not out and about, so we had lots of space to run around 🙂 Thanks for your visit and kind comment, Jet.

  7. Love the day trip, so many wonderful photos! I enjoy going to old forts, and coastal shopping & eating! Love seeing another budding young photographer, I bought my grandson for his 4th birthday a small Nikon Coolpix refurbished zoom lens camera thru Amazon for $79, figured if it got broke, oh well. It was the best $79 I ever spent! He’s 4 3/4’s now and I am blown-away with his talent & interest already! When we get together, we take pictures together, even if it’s just a walk around the yard. And, of course, he loves taking duck photos. 🙂

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