The Journey Home. Musings From Above the Clouds.

The sun rises. Cloud “mountains” cast long shadows on the soft cotton fields of the skies. The world below is  waking up to a new day.

sunrise 2 B in the sky FIIt is easy to be present. Right here, right now. At 39,000 feet. Mind calms down. The chatter quiets. I am.

moon and a plane FIThen, pictures of tranquil countryside flash by. Cloudy days with light snowfall.

snow and the lake B fiThe sleeping apple garden getting a white makeover. More to come. Much more by the time winter is over.

apple garden and snow fiSunny days when the sky colors the waters. Like dreams of peace for humanity.

lake at sunrise fisunrise sky reflected FIAnd the short December days of the north, when dusk starts in mid afternoon.

rainy afternoon FIReflections of rain drops and bird houses. Inhabitants long gone. Migrated to southern shores.

bird house in the forest FICockpit announces fair weather, scattered clouds. I look out. A solid blanket of clouds. I smile. London calling.

scattered clouds over London FIAnd so we dive into the soft drifting clouds. Riding through them towards the earth. Saying goodbye to the sun. And hello to the big city. Or so I thought.

sinking into the clouds FIWe circle around and around. Sightseeing from the skies. The big picture. Included in the ticket price.

london from the air 3 FI london from the air 4 FIAnd so the journey home continues. Invigorated by the change of scenery. Serenity for the soul.  Family. The heart-warming smiles and hugs. And the good night kisses generously offered by the dog.

pebbe dog fiFrom one home to another. I arrive just as the sun is diving into the ocean. Familiar and comforting.

sunset 4I wish you all a wonderful upcoming weekend.