An Old Face. Eye Spy.

A face in a birch tree Finland
A face in a birch tree found by my dad in Finland.

I was fascinated by this “face” in an old birch tree. It’s right eye seemed to spy on me whenever I passed the wall where my dad has his tree art collection. I came back to look at it several times during my recent visit. Perhaps expecting it to tell me a story. Reveal what it had spied on while still in the forest. Spill out the secrets. But it remained tight-lipped.

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I wish you a peaceful week.

51 thoughts on “An Old Face. Eye Spy.”

    1. I saw it that way too at first, and still do when I look at this picture quickly in a smaller format. My dad has an eye for these natural formations when he walks in our forest.

    1. I love to spot those faces too. Last year I found two faces in the huge birch tree in dad’s front yard, but this year they were gone, overgrown. Happy you liked this one, Karen.

    1. I thought this piece was picture worthy – when I first walked towards it I saw the face so clearly. It’s amazing as it has the lips, the nose and the chin. And a small piece of hair coming down on its forehead 🙂

    1. Mr. Birch has lived a long life in the forest that my great grandparents once owned, and I’d love to hear his stories 🙂 Have a wonderful week, Koko XX

  1. Great finding dear Tiny!It does excite imagination,it takes the form of a face with real spying eyes or like a one-eyed Cyclops.Superb response to the challenge and very very originative!Stay well my friend ~ Have a wonderful & creative day 🙂 xxx

    1. All thanks for this “face” goes to my 92 y.o. dad. He has collected quite a few “art pieces” from the forest over the years 🙂 Thanks for your kind words, dear Doda XXX

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