Hiking. With Serenity. And a Dog.

Immersed in serenity. Whispers of the forest. Beholding the dance of the clouds. And tasting the air. Fresh. Comforting. It fills my being.

forest in Finlandlichen in the forest Finlandsmall stream in FinlandHiking. We pass the childhood “river”. At both ends of the lake. And the picnic “island”. Destination for countless boat trips. Lunch bags and shared secrets. The two sisters. Rain or shine.

islet in a lake in Finlandlake in FinlandAnd later, I marvel about the snow flakes as they slowly float towards the ground. Others eager to discover what might be hidden underneath. Like fallen apples.

a pudel in the snow Or happy memories of childhood winters. When the earth was cooler. And the snow made itself comfortable on the trees early in the season.

snow falling on trees in Finlandfirst snow on the montains in FinlandSunrise after morning coffee. Well after. Calm lake announces a beautiful day. The reeds hum a familiar tune. And the bird of the week jumps high up in the sky.

sunrise over the lake in Finlandsunrise over the lake in Finlandgreat tit FIThe hiking companion comes flying on the ground. Checks on those in his care. Covers three times the distance.  Nine miles instead of three.

dog runningAnd so the days go. Until the fire in the sky announces tea time. Jam filled donuts. Warmth inside and out. Childhood home.

sunset over the forest in FinlandI’ll see you soon. Around tea time.


59 thoughts on “Hiking. With Serenity. And a Dog.”

  1. Very beautiful reflections and light images Tiny. There is much more opportunity for variety in the seasons where you live, than where we are. Love your beautiful captures, especially your little dog:-)

    1. Happy you liked the images from my childhood stomping grounds in Finland! The lovely dog belongs to my sister’s family. I loved to see the winter season and even some snow…but could only spot three different birds: a Great Tit (picture), a Blue Tit, and a Bullfinch. All others had already migrated south 🙂

  2. Blissful, Tiny. Nothing like walking with a good dog and revisiting old haunts. And it’s the right word too, isn’t it – ‘haunts’. I also often hanker for a big poodle.

    1. Oh, that poodle is so much fun…he is happily part of my sister’s family, but adopted me temporarily. We have a smaller version at home, he just had his 15th birthday when I was away…I think I’ll need to get him something special today now that I’m back.

    1. Happy you liked my home land musings, Val. Now I’m back, and I have to say really refreshed and ready for very busy months ahead – and that’s not only the Osprey nesting season 🙂

    1. Thanks Barbara – it is a very beautiful place, lake and forests abound. Always refreshing to spend some time there with loved ones. Now I’m back home in FL, sunny and warm in comparison.

  3. Returning to childhood places is very important because recharges your inner feelings. Memories are the mind’s photographs, you’d always want to see those images again! Enjoy your stay there my dear friend! 🙂

    1. Thank you Susan. There is so much natural beauty there – and the sun actually showed up briefly when I passed London again, this time only changing airports.

    1. That wonderful dog belongs to my sister’s family, but he adopted me temporarily…so much fun! That was a great trip, I wish I could’ve stayed longer. Now back home in FL.

  4. How beautiful, Helen. You sound to be in your element with family and all those great childhood memories. Love the racing doggy image, with ears flying in the wind. 🙂 The sunrise photo is so stunning that I caught my breath in wonder. Such a great post, both words and pictures.

    1. Happy you enjoyed this post, Sylvia. The mornings when the skies are clear, the sun rises from behind the lake and there’s not a breath of wind are just gorgeous! Now I’m back home and will need to check on our friends at the salt marsh, hopefully tomorrow. Ps. I saw the sun coming back through London 🙂

  5. I did a four-mile walk today on a cold and windy beach, nothing like what you show in your beautiful photos.It was a forgettable experience, unlike yours. 🙂

    1. Thank you kindly, Hien. I’m happy you enjoyed the hike around my childhood’s stomping grounds. I’m back home now, and hope I can go back in the spring or early summer.

    1. Thanks Susan. I wish I could go “home” more often as my dad is up in the years already. And it’s always such a treat for the soul. That little companion is my sister’s dog, but took care of me like a member of the family. He’s so much fun 🙂

    1. Happy you felt the peace and the love, Lorrie! That is such a special place for me, and I hope I get an opportunity to go back in the spring/early summer. Have a wonderful weekend my friend ❤

    1. Happy you enjoyed the walk…this time in a cooler climate and an even more peaceful environment than what we have here in Florida. I’m back home now.

  6. Beautiful post and lovely images. It evoked my childhood memories as well for some reason. I’ve never been to Finland but I know and feel that serenity in the mountains of Northern California. Hope you have a lovely Holiday Season, Tiny ❤

    1. Thank you dear Tahira! Happy you enjoyed the lake and the woods of my childhood home. So many good memories surfaced hiking around the lake with my sister and her dog 🙂 The serenity is probably very similar to the forests and mountains where you currently hike. Have a wonderful Holiday Season too, Tahira ❤

  7. Your home is stunning. How wonderful for you to go back and see it and family too! You are such a treasure to share your time with the rest of us. I’d love to see Finland in the real. Your photos, as always, are nuturing to my soul. I’m happy you are home, as we get to be spoiled by more of your photos of the marsh! Have a glorious week ahead! Hugs to you! Koko:)

  8. It was wonderful to be back, and I hope I could go more often. I am so happy you enjoyed the visit, Koko 🙂 I haven’t yet had the time to go to the marsh, hopefully later this week, but I saw my Osprey friends today when I was out with Bumble. They are alive and well 🙂 A big hug to you too! XX Tiny

  9. I feel so embarrassed I missed such beauty,dear Tiny!What a lovely post with wondrous wintry sceneries filled with lovely season colours and reflections and imbued with warm childhood memories!I decided to stay away from WP for a couple of days and now I have to pay the price.My inbox ready to explode and me running here and there to catch up.Wonder how I dared to publish a new post too.Anyhow,I’ll go through all of your posts,I don’t want to miss not even a line.Thank you for your understanding my friend! Happy Monday 🙂 xxx

    1. Thank you for reading about my adventures in Finland, dear Doda! The weather was very different from what we have here, but winter had not yet really arrived. I loved every minute with family. I too take breaks from logging in to WP. It’s necessary as I have so much work right now…but I’m trying to catch up when I can. Your new post was just wonderful ❤

      1. I am really delighted to hear and to read how much you enjoyed your time with your family there.Now,you live with sweet memories until next year when you’ll visit them again.Thank you so much for liking my recent post.You are so kind and generous 🙂 xxx

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