Family Dramas. And a Possible Election Challenge. At the Salt Marsh.

There’s a hint of autumn in the air now. Finally it’s cooler, breezy and less humid. Okay. I’m going for full disclosure. It’s been gorgeous. And the beach has been lively with all kinds of shorebirds. Little Sanderlings and little humans enjoying the tidal pools together.

sanderling ud26 One morning I also witnessed a bit of a drama in the Royal Tern family. This is how it went down.

Mommy....I'm hungry! My older brother got more fish for breakfast.
Daddy….I’m still hungry! My older brother took almost all the fish.
Lunch time, Mommy!!
Did you hear me Daddy? I’m hungry!
Bring me fish! It's my turn!
Bring me fish! It’s my turn!
What about me, Mommy?
When Daddy returned empty-handed, Mommy was there too….Where’s the fish? Can’t you see our little one is hungry?

I hope all that was settled amicably after I had to leave. While all kinds of excitement was going on among the families on shore, the Brown pelican was sitting calmly on his observation pole off shore, watching it all. I could feel him thinking “this too shall pass”.

pelican ud26

The salt marsh has been fairly quiet. No big rush of migrants as yet. As usual the Mayor has been keeping order among the residents. The other day I saw him chasing the younger GBH around the marsh. I wondered what mischief he’d been up to. Or maybe he wanted to challenge the Mayor and run for office? Like so many these days.

mayor older blue heron ud26

That wouldn’t be such a good idea. I doubt he would get any votes at all. Even Mama Sandy sounded a sharp warning when he as much as flew towards the nest the other day. But he was challenging his fate, as usual, and landed in the water just below the nest. He has a big ego, it seems.

mama osprey closeup ud26

The ducks would definitely gang together against him. They’ve been having these large sunset gatherings lately. Perhaps planning a super pack to support the Mayor? And they’ve been very inclusive. Mallards, Mottled Ducks, and even the tiny Pied-billed Grebe. Like one big, happy family.

mallard meeting ud26Pied-billed Grebe ud26

I wonder if Papa Stanley and Mama Sandy were communicating about that very issue the other day. Papa was at his resort looking south, shouting something to Sandy. And posing for a photo in between. She was about half a mile south, sending replies perched on a huge antenna at the very top of the Marriott Resort on the bay side. That went on for a while before they said “over and out”.

papa osprey ud26mama osprey on the TV antenna ud26

In any case, if the young GBH was dreaming of running for office, my prediction is he’d not get support even from his own. The other Herons. The Tri-colored Heron seems to have her head firmly on her shoulders. And the juvenile Night Heron, although he might perhaps be persuaded by aggressive campaigning, is too young to vote anyway.

tricolored heron ud26juvenile night heron ud26

As to Miss Rosa, she seems very happy with the Mayor’s work. Nobody, but maybe a photographer, could make her to turn her head. And her friend Ibis may be blue eyed, but let me tell you, he’s not easily charmed. By anyone.

roseate spoonbill ud25 bibis ud26

As to the smaller birds, like this Blue Jay, they like to keep a safe distance to anybody showing signs of aggression.

Blue Jay ud26

Based on this official, highly reliable polling, my prediction is that the Mayor will sit firmly in the office for quite some time to come. And I take a new rainbow over the salt marsh as a good sign.

rainbow salt marsh to bay panorama ud26

With that, I’ll wish you all peace. And a wonderful upcoming weekend ~

64 thoughts on “Family Dramas. And a Possible Election Challenge. At the Salt Marsh.”

  1. Lots of beauty in the Salt Marsh these days…and I am a bit partial to those sunset gatherings! There was a gorgeous rainbow here this week, too. It was so bold and lasted a very long time. Good signs for all of us!

    1. Yes, lots of beauty…and much less intrigue than in some other places 🙂 Happy you had a gorgeous rainbow too. We’ve seen several of those in the last month or so. Good signs!!

      1. According to the pols, the incumbent doesn’t have a leg to stand on. (Get it? Cranes usually only stand on one leg…Okay, so maybe I’m not ready for prime time yet.)

    1. Yes, they are a big thing at the moment…and here for one more year! Things are going good for our friends, but I’m expecting a rush in early November. That shall be interesting 🙂

  2. What a sweet little human enjoying the water there. 🙂 I so enjoyed your photos and account of the goings on in the salt marsh. Yes I’m sure you’re quite right. Mr. Mayor is a long term installation and won’t be ousted any time soon. Lovely rainbow pic, and your header is really stunning.

    1. I loved the little human too. She was really enjoying herself, almost flying in the little puddles. The header photo was snapped a couple of nights ago after sunset. It was a magical moment, the last boats returning home in the after glow. And the Mayor says thanks for your vote of confidence, Sylvia 🙂

    1. Mine too! I think the dad tern eventually caught a fish, but many others started to chase him so I’m not sure who got to enjoy it at the end 🙂

    1. Thank you! I’ve been at the salt marsh so much that I now attach some personality to all the permanent residents…and they tell all the stories, I just have to remember them 🙂 I agree with you that it’s extremely difficult to get a good shot of the Grebe, but yesterday morning I was standing quietly under some trees, and it flew into the deep part of the marsh without seeing me, I think. Have a beautiful weekend.

    1. That rainbow started right at the park where salt marsh is, and ended in the water just south of the sailing center. I’ve never seen it like that before. Have a beautiful fall weekend, Joanne 🙂

  3. I love this post. I mean, I love all your posts, but this one today was great because of the political slant. The incumbent almost always has the advantage in Salt Marsh races, silly young GBH!

    I am totally ‘shopping that Stanley pic. I wonder if I can find a hawaiian shirt to paste onto the pic… 😀

    1. So happy you liked the avian politics playing out at the salt marsh. I bet Stanley would look great in a Hawaiian shirt, even more handsome 🙂

  4. What a wonderful series of photos amazingly dramatised,dear Tiny!Delightful scenes with a wide range of beautiful birds and lots of drama!I so much liked the characters and the plot!Enjoy a brilliant weekend ~ Looking forward to more seaside adventures & rainbows 🙂 Doda xxx

    1. Thank you Doda! The salt marsh is known for it’s lively characters and some drama now and then. I’ve known the permanent residents now for over two years, and can distinguish them from visiting birds. They all have their personalities, and it’ll be interesting to see what happens when migrating birds stop over there end of this month and early next month. Happy you came to visit! Tiny XX

      1. Pleasure dear Tiny!Oh,then you’re a great birder!Lovely experience to share so many things with our beautiful feathered friends!Thank you so much for your generous response,it was such a pleasure to visit your blog!Doda xxx

    1. Thank you Karen. I have to say I like the salt marsh politics quite a bit more than what’s going on here with us humans 🙂 Have a beautiful weekend.

    1. The young terns, in particular, tend to “ruff” themselves up when they get into these intense “discussions”. And they can be quite loud too 🙂 Happy you came to take part in the fun, Susan.

  5. Wonderful commentary of the life at the salt marsh one again Tiny ~ but what really had me smiling was your second shot of the ‘little human’ – she seems absolutely enthralled at what the marsh offers 🙂

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