42 thoughts on “Beach Walk – a Haiku”

  1. There is no beach here, but it has been pouring rain for many days.
    So there is plenty of water but no sand. 🙂
    When I lived in Hawaii, I was only a few minutes away from the ocean. I miss that!

    1. Our beach is slightly flooded again, but not the way it was in August (at the time of this picture) after over 20 inches of rain in three weeks. I hope your rains will remain reasonable and not cause any flooding. Have a beautiful week ahead.

    1. Thank you, happy you liked it. The image is originally a photo. I have “painted” on it with several different editing software to make it into a painting, with canvas texture and brush strokes. Digital art like this could easily be printed onto a canvas.

      1. Thank you Katy! One can do digital painting using various techniques and software. I usually use my own photos and then “paint” on them using filters and brushes in several different photo editing software. It’s fun and it’s much easier to correct one’s mistakes than in real painting. Such a digital painting can also be printed on canvas (there are several companies that offer such options) and framed. They look very “real” with visible brush stokes and texture.

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