Monday Musings: Just Be

blind red-shouldered hawk 3 with frame

She is almost blind. Lives in her little apartment at the sanctuary. She is safe, and well cared for. Now that she cannot manage on her own.

There is some sadness in her. Maybe a fleeting memory of her youth. Soaring high up in the bright blue skies. Carried by the winds over green forests and sparkling seas.

But most of all there is contentment. Quiet enjoyment of life. And appreciation. The light breeze moving her feathers. The sun warming her old bones. And the love of a human, who takes her out on walks, touching her heart. Precious moments to treasure. To just be.

55 thoughts on “Monday Musings: Just Be”

  1. When looking at this magnificent bird, such sadness tugged at my Heart. Yet, when we focus on “what was” instead of “what is” many of us miss out on the Gift of Life NOW. I think this reminded me of someone I know who insists on living in the past, with reminders of the past around her, and I just want to reach out to hug her and tell her how much she is missing out on NOW. Bless you, Tiny, for this thought provoking post. Love, Amy ❤

    1. I knew you would understand what I meant, Amy. It is important to live now, be present, otherwise life just sails by us. This old bird was clearly enjoying the now on her “walk”. She was truly magnificent, and so much loved.

      1. LOVE truly does make all the difference, Tiny. And LIFE is so darn precious! To be “living” in the past with a sad Heart defeats the purpose of Living! Some people I just would love to give a shake or two and point out what they are really doing by living in the past. Yet, yet …. it is not up to ME for them to see … it is up the THEM to see …. 🙂 ❤

        1. You are so right, Amy. Carrying the past is heavy, and letting go is sometimes difficult. But only that frees us to live fully now 🙂 Hugs!

          1. Has WP been slow, Tiny? I really haven’t been full time blogging and was wondering if because I haven’t been, my site is slow. Or is it WP in general? What have you seen? Curious minds would like to know …. 🙂

            1. My WP is “normal” today. And when it’s really slow for me, I’ve discovered that our internet connection (the wifi part) is fluctuating or just plain slow.

    1. She is well cared for and much loved. The symbolism of how she enjoyed her “walk” was a good reminder to me to appreciate what is. Have a great day and week, Koko.

    1. Exactly! That’s how I felt too. It was wonderful to see this bird enjoy her “walk” to the park and the beach with this kind woman.

    1. It is sad, but while no longer able to fly, she can still enjoy the freedom of outdoors thanks to some very kind people. She can still see a little with one eye. You sure see and capture beauty with you seeing eye. Have a wonderful weekend, Matti.

  2. It’s lovely to watch young creatures bounding with life and enthusiasm but there is something extra special about seeing the old ones content to rest and soak up the sun; just be, as you say.

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