The Record Breaking Fishing Trip. And the Joy of a Bath.

I was still quite far away.  But could see two dark brown spots with white crowns against the early morning bright blue sky. My two favorite Ospreys. I hadn’t spotted Mama Sandy or Papa Stanley for quite a few days, and was getting worried about the nasty wound Sandy had on her leg last week. But there they were, peering down into the bay waters from the roof of Marriott Resort.

mama and papa osprey ud22I was walking closer. Suddenly I saw the one on the lower roof fall straight down. Immediately followed by a loud call from the roof top. It looked like a free fall, wings pointing straight up. I stopped in my tracks, but couldn’t see the surface of the water from where I was. I scanned the sky over the bay. And there it was, against the rising sun, a silhouette of an Osprey flying back on shore with a fish. I took a blind shot. Just as evidence of the fastest catch I’ve witnessed. Ten, maybe fifteen seconds tops.

mama osprey with a fish ud22Now I had to find out who it was. And where the breakfast would be served. Although I was on my way back home after a two and a half mile walk, I turned around and retraced my steps back towards the Sailing Center. Then I saw it.

raven and Mama osprey ud22

An Osprey eating breakfast on a lamp-post quite far away. With a helpful cleaning crew close by. I was too tired to walk all the way to the lamp-post to be on the “right” side of the sun light. So I just zoomed all out. And saw it was Sandy. Her wound was still faintly visible, but healing well. What a relief!

Happy after seeing her lightning fast dive, I walked back towards the resort. And found Stanley peering down too. At me.

papa osprey scanning on Marriotts roof ud22

He seemed to enjoy his spot on the top of the world. Instead of taking care of sick Sandy in some secret location, like I had feared. I smiled at the thought, and hoped to catch his breakfast dive. But it soon became clear to me that he was not in a hurry. He was more interested in watching me at the parking lot below than scanning for fish in the bay. So I decided to remove the distraction and walk home. Stanley could get his breakfast. And I could get my second cup of coffee.

Around mid-week I took another walk later in the day, and started at the salt marsh. Lots of Great Egrets were enjoying the quiet afternoon.

great egret reflection ud22two great egrets ud22

And I also spotted both the Mayor and the younger Great Blue Heron.

older blue heron ud22great egret and the young blue heron ud22

Rosa was at home too. She always volunteers a nice pose, doesn’t she? A Black-crowned Night Heron was in deep meditation. Or maybe just thinking of breakfast.

miss rosa ud22blackcrowned Night Heron UD22

From there I walked to the beach. And had the pleasure of the company of an American Oystercather and a few Brown Pelicans.

American oystercatcher ud22

I noticed the high tide had made a temporary swimming pool by building an extra sand bank between the beach and the ocean. I watched a Royal Tern thoroughly enjoy her bath. I prepared a gif image to let her show you how it’s done (if the gif doesn’t play, please click on the image).

tern bath gif

Little later, the sun started her dive into the ocean, offering brilliant colors on the evening sky.

sunset in aug ud22sunset and girl 16x9 ud22I wish everyone a great weekend, and hope T.S. Erica doesn’t invite herself to visit the salt marsh early next week. We don’t want to meet her.

Much love, Tiny

63 thoughts on “The Record Breaking Fishing Trip. And the Joy of a Bath.”

  1. An awesome day from beginning to end. That little bath gif is just the best! Sending positive thoughts your way to help keep Erica away…stay safe!

    1. That little tern was so enthusiastic about the new pool that I thought her bath should be “animated”. Happy you liked it. I think Erica will not be a strong storm wherever she goes, but a rainmaker…and we don’t need more rain here after the flooding a few weeks ago, so we hope she stays away. Thanks Susan.

    1. Thanks for being a mother hen, Jackie ❤ We'll be fine. That storm is weakening and wherever she goes she'll bring RAIN…and we don't need any more of that stuff here 🙂

    1. Thanks Amy! It was good to see them…I get worried when I don’t spot them for a few days 🙂 We’ll be fine, just don’t need another round of flooding!

  2. Your photos and narrative are absolutely wonderful, Helen. What a great shot of Sandy and her catch. I envy you the pelicans and pretty Miss Rosa. The sunset shots are blissful too. I think Erica is going to miss us. Fingers crossed. 🙂

    1. I wish I had been closer to capture Sandy’s dive, but maybe next time 🙂 We have pelicans here year round, but more of them in the fall, I’ve observed. Miss Rosa is such a cutie…maybe she’ll get a husband next year and we can see small “rosettes” 🙂 I hope Erica will not be a real storm when she comes close to FL…just a rainmaker. Thanks Sylvia!

    1. 10-15 seconds. Ospreys are the best fishermen among birds. The very best have about 70% success rate – and Sandy is in that master class. I’ve seen her do 30 seconds at the salt marsh when the kids were hungry and Stanley had stopped to have coffee on his way home from the grocery store.

  3. I am glad Sandy is healing up and throwing down when it comes to fishing!

    I truly think Stanley knows your deal and is bemused that someone cares so much about his breakfast, so now he just poses for the fun of it all. 🙂

    1. Sandy is in the top class of the Osprey fishing rankings. Catches a fish in her first dive about 70% of the time. And you’re right about Stanley…he’s is clearly bemused …or amused…when he sees me now 😀

    1. Yes, Sandy seems to be fine. They are both molting right now and that is always a stressful time for them. Our weather will be very rainy for 2-3 days due to the remnants of the tropical storm that fell apart. It’s supposed to start tonight.

    1. Thanks Val! I’m afraid their routines will be disrupted again by heavy rains for the next few days…but then I know how they like fresh water, so expecting a large extended family towards the end of the week 🙂

  4. Beautiful as always, Tiny!! And I am sending you energy to ward off Erika…and hope the rain could make it to someplace that DOES need it! Many blessings, friend! ❤

  5. Thank you Lorrie! I’m afraid we’ll get lots of rain again. All the birds had gone hiding tonight…no sign of the usual heavy “traffic” at sunset. It was almost eerie, but I think they expect heavy rains and thunder too starting overnight. Have a blessed week, my friend ❤

    1. Hi Amy! I know how busy you are. I hope your cats are doing ok and you don’t have another worry on your shoulders. Thanks for taking the time to visit and say hi to our friends 🙂 Much love, Tiny ❤

  6. A most delightful post with some vividly colourful birds, Tiny. I love the colours of Rosa and the Oystercatcher. I love your sunsets also. It is wonderful that you are so well acquainted with Sandy and the Osprey family, and that you know them so well. Thanks again I always enjoy what you present.

    1. The Oystercatcher is a new acquaintance here. I haven’t seen them on our beach previously. Apparently they nested just south of here, which is great! Our sunsets are usually beautiful…every night a different creation. Today we’ll not see the sun go down as it is cloudy and rainy here. Glad you liked the post 🙂

  7. Now I did come back and viewed this post once again. Gorgeous images, Tiny. What happened to Sandy’s leg? Do you know? What a world you are witnessing and documenting, my friend. And oh yes, I understand what tired is when taking a LONG walk carrying heavy equipment. (smile) (((HUGS))) Amy ❤

    1. Happy you enjoyed the post Amy! I don’t know what happened to her leg, but there was a bloody wound on the outside of her left leg. She must have scraped it somewhere against a sharp object. I’m happy it looks good now. That day was too hot, over 90F already in the morning …and humid 🙂

  8. I enjoyed your post very much! The narrative, the photos, the personalities all made for a wonderful read. I couldn’t open the GIF on my tablet, so I’ll have to try again with the desktop. Cheers, and Happy Birding!

    1. Happy you enjoyed the story, Shannon. The residents of this little salt marsh all have their stories and personalities 🙂 I love seeing new birds, but even more so I always hope to see the birds I’ve learned to know. Their little community is exemplary in many ways 😀

  9. Great to see all the gang at the marsh, Tiny, and I’m glad Sandy is on the mend. Your photos are exquisite, I espec. like the oystercatcher and black-crowned night heron. 😀

    1. Happy you enjoyed the company of our feathered friends, Jet. I like the oystercatcher too, apparently they have started to nest on our beach only this spring 🙂

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