Monday Musings: Between the Storms

Fresh air tingles on my skin. I smell the rain drops still lingering on the grass.  Vibrant green.  Perky. Reaching up and up.  Stretching toward the little bubbles of white in the blue. Respectfully. In silence.

Waking up. Living fully. Present here. Growing with every ray of sun. I breathe. I feel the trees inhale and exhale. I hear the birds sing. I see the face of the wind. And I touch Life. Briefly. Quietly. Between the storms.

new lakes in the salt marsh ud18

36 thoughts on “Monday Musings: Between the Storms”

    1. We’ve had a really stormy two weeks. But the good part is that everything is so fresh…and the salt marsh has “extra lakes” too. Happy you liked it, Amy.

    1. You’re right! That pond is a new and temporary one in the park because of the rains we been having…and will still have this week.

    1. Thanks Nancy! The salt marsh has the same high water level now that I remember after tropical storm Debby. Lots of “extra ponds/lakes”, including on the beach. Birds take fresh water baths. Unfortunately hundreds of homes have been evacuated because of severe flooding in the northern counties.

    1. Thanks Sylvia. We’ve had more rain than I remember since tropical storm Debby in June 2012. The water level in the salt marsh is really up…and “extra lakes” are forming in some of the “valleys”. Birds are happy, some home owners, particularly north of us, not so much.

    1. Soon your winter will be over and lovely spring will be there 🙂 Here I’m always looking forward to the fall-winter-spring time which is our cooler and drier time. Now it’s been cooler, but ah so much rain! Everything is so fresh and vibrant.

    1. Yes it is. Our grays don’t usually last that long, but now the storms have been rolling in non-stop…only a few hours of blue skies every few days.

  1. Thank you, Jet. It’s been a really stormy two weeks, and we’ve received more than enough rain…now looking forward to some sunny days.

    1. We’re still waiting for the calm after the storms here…wrote this post as a reminder of sunny days we haven’t seen in over two weeks now 🙂 Happy to see you!

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