Silent Sunday: Flying License. And Other Fishy Stuff.

royal tern mom and child Sand Key Beach Florida
Oh, there he is again. So handsome.
His wings are so strong…and he’s looking at me…
royal tern mom and juvenile Sand Key Beach Florida
Mom, can I go outΒ with him?
Mom and juvenile royal tern Sand Key Beach Florida
No Sweetie, you’ve just fledged. You still need to get your flying license….. But I know how to fly, mom! You know I do!
royal tern flying Sand Key Beach Florida
There he’s flying! I bet he’s a good fisherman…
royal tern mom and juvenile Sand Key Beach Florida
Mom, you’re such a relic…I’ll need to exercise my wings anyway! And he’s so cute…Pleeease!
royal tern mom and juvenile Sand Key Beach Florida
You promised ..WOW…he’s coming back with a fish…
royal tern has a fish Sand Key Beach Florida
…and it’s a big one! Mom, look at him!
royal tern mom and juvenile Sand Key Beach Florida
Okay Sweetie, maybe you can go fly with him soon. But first you have to get your flying license. And show me you can fly safelyΒ without distractions. You just go take your bath now!

Royal tern swimming

72 thoughts on “Silent Sunday: Flying License. And Other Fishy Stuff.”

    1. Happy you enjoyed their small discussion πŸ™‚ The mother and the juvenile were completely focused on their interaction, and didn’t even notice this observer.

    1. Yes, when I walk or jog I carry a camera with a zoom lens. The opening shot is focused on the tern’s head, and in post-processing I softened the rest little more. Thanks David.

  1. It is so much fun telling stories about what you see. You have outdone yourself here, Tiny, with such a cute story with images that I would swear that is exactly what was going on. You are amazing!!! I have this huge smile on my face as I am writing this to you. (((HUGS))) Amy ❀

    1. Thank you so much dear Amy! It was so easy to tell their story…I wrote it up right there when I heard them talk πŸ˜€ I smiled too when I followed this discussion and snapped a huge number of pictures. Much love, Tiny ❀

    1. Thanks Amy! He was flexing his wings…and she was watching while arguing with mom. That was quite hilarious…the story told itself πŸ™‚

      1. I wish! I wanted children that wouldn’t just “accept” what’s given to them; I want them to be able to speak up for themselves… I just didn’t mean for it to be happening at home… with me… 😦 lol

    1. Thanks Barbara! They were so amusing…the little one walked around mom and argued her case, mom was patient with short answers ~

    1. Thanks Amy! The dialogue was easy after watching them πŸ™‚ The header shot is a bit older that the others and is taken with the same camera that you have, HS50, zoomed out quite a it.

        1. I got it soon after it came out to have as my hiking/walking/jogging camera as the lenses to our other Canon are too heavy for me to carry when I want to get some exercise. It’s an excellent camera, just takes some getting used to. You’re already doing great πŸ™‚

    1. Not really for the terns as boys and girls look the same, but for many other birds (like ospreys etc.) the answer is yes, there are differences.

  2. I am never disappointed when I get a chance to visit your blog sweet Tiny. I always find fantastic pictures of amazing birds. Your dialogue is always a perfect match to the pictures….you for sure are talented dear friend. Your posts always give me a “feel better” boost. Hope you are doing well. Hugs

    1. I’m very happy to hear that you get a little “feel better” boost, Mags. It means a lot, thank you for telling me. Mother nature is a wonderful companion, always lifts us up. I am doing well, I hope your days are as good as possible too. Many hugs

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