Five Photos. Five Stories. Monochrome Photos Challenge.

Several weeks ago, John at Book of Bokeh invited me to participate in the Five Day Monochrome Photos Challenge, posting one photo each day and inviting someone else to participate. Not to risk further procrastination, or posting only one image and then fluttering to something else, I decided to squeeze the five days into one.  Five different images, each with their own little story.

A Bird. You might have noticed that I’ve dedicated quite a bit of my discretionary time lately to bird photography. So there has to be a bird shot among the five. My feathered friends can be aptly represented by this fellow, a Yellow-crowned Night Heron. One early morning at the salt marsh, he almost scared me to death. I thought I was alone when he croaked really loud in a tree just above my head. When I spotted him again later, he projected an air of innocence and pragmatism. A bird has to sleep, and when woken up by an intruder, a loud croak in protest is called for. I forgave him.

yellowcrowned night heron portrait in monochrome
A Yellow-crowned Night Heron.

Back to my roots. This old barn in Finland brings me back to my roots. It’s been there as long as I can remember.  I think of my paternal grandparents when I stand in front of the now padlocked doors. They used to store all sorts of farming equipment and hay there when I was a child. And it was always an adventure to go see them working there, milking cows or feeding the horse. As a protector of quality time with my grandmother, this barn served as a cradle of wisdom and valuable insights for me.

old barn in Finland monochrome
My grandparents’ old barn.

A flower. I love roses. They always light up my day. This love story started with the white wild roses I admired in my grandparents’ garden as a child. Their fragrance and delicate beauty embodied romantic mystique to me ~ and still do.

rose in monochrome
A rose.

A black and white photo. That brings me to an old photo. It’s the only genuinely black and white analog image of these five. And obviously not a selfie. I’m about four years old, in my Sunday best attending my aunt’s wedding. I still look pretty much the same, only my shoes are bigger now and my hair is a few inches longer.

Tiny when she was really tiny.

A Beauty. And my final image is of a young giraffe.  I was privileged to meet many of them, from babies to grandparents, in my years living in Africa. This one though is Floridian and lives in Bush Gardens. He looked at me with his big eyes and made his way right into my heart. I guess we were both dreaming of Africa.

A giraffe in Bush Gardens Tampa Florida
A young giraffe in Bush Gardens.

I invite any blogging friend who is inspired by monochrome photography to participate in this challenge ~ five images in five days, or a compressed version like mine. I’m thinking of Joanne, Nancy x 3, Frank, Amy x 3, Kathy, Rob, H.J. and others. That’s a hint  😉

I hope your week is going great.

49 thoughts on “Five Photos. Five Stories. Monochrome Photos Challenge.”

    1. Thank you for your encouraging words, Takami. I still vaguely remember that flowery dress I had in that photo, must have liked it a lot 🙂 I hope you’ll participate in this challenge too ❤

    1. Thank you, Julie. Photos are stories frozen in time, so we don’t forget. I wish our childhood cuteness was frozen in time as well 🙂

  1. Awww, look at the tiny, tiny! So cute! All the pictures were great. Why is it when photos are in black and white they seem more….mysterious? Or is it just me? 😉

    1. Yes, I was quite tiny back then, not so long ago 😉 Somehow the b & w photos are more intense and with no color they leave more room for imagination…hence more mysterious?

    1. Thank you Cyndi. Somehow I was drawn to my roots, and nature, when thinking about this challenge. I’ve always been a fan of color photos, but more recently discovered B & W can be really beautiful too.

    1. Thanks Kathy! I don’t have very many photos of my fist years, other than a couple “portraits” taken in a photo studio and a few, like this one, taken by my aunt’s husband. He was an avid photographer. We got a camera around the time I started school 🙂 Looking fwd to your response to the challenge!

    1. The log barn now belongs to my cousin, I think. He may store something there as it is close to his summer house down at the lake. Happy you enjoyed my selection.

  2. Oh my, Tiny, these all deserve to be in a gallery!! They are so striking and really moved me in a deep way. I was going to list a favorite and then realized that I love all of them equally!!

  3. LOL I just finished my 5 day challenge. OK, Tiny, this one I will keep in the back of my mind, just because YOU nominated me. *sighs* No promises, but I will try.
    As for this post …. LOVE IT. I felt the emotion behind the log barn. I felt such Love for that Rose. That bird I laughed at his indignant look. You as a little girl put such a tender smile on my face. And the giraffe had me longing for Africa and for this precious animal to go back home where he belongs. (IMO) Great post, one I really enjoyed, Tiny! Thank you for taking the challenge and putting it all together in one day. Now that is genius!!! (((HUGS))) Amy ❤

    1. Thank you dear Amy! This was a personal post and each photo represented emotions close to my heart ~ and you felt it, Amy. Thank you for your wonderful comment ❤ And you do the challenge at your leisure later, if you want to…no pressure 😀 Hugs & love, Tiny

  4. Great post, Tiny. Loved your humor with what you look like now compared to the child photo; and appreciated the sharing of your intimate times espec. on the farm with your grandparents. Terrific photos, as always.

    1. Thanks Jet. When I thought of black and white, somehow I thought about my childhood…and the barn is my “always visit” place when I go see my dad.

  5. Beautiful stories and beautiful pictures. It’s awesome you sharing a bit of you! Africa! How exciting that must have been. And what a darling you were as a little girl! I could tell from the photo you would grow up to be just as darling, touching people’s hearts as you do. The sweet smile on your face says it all! Than you for bringing that sweet happiness to us all!

    1. I lived altogether 8 years in several countries in Africa and those years were among the best in my life and I’ll always be grateful for that opportunity to see life in a new perspective. Thank you Koko, you’re very kind.

  6. Tiny, these pictures are striking and your storytelling behind the photos are evocative. You transported me through time to your family’s barn in Finland. And to you of 4 years old. And the giraffe made me smile. Beautifully done!

    1. Thank you for your kind words Tahira! Somehow black and white photos bring me back to my roots. I’m happy you enjoyed the post.

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