Swan Songs and Alligators.

I’m back home after a great trip. I shouldn’t really say this was a short vacation, as I feel no need to take time off from my permanent vacation here on our barrier island. My travels nowadays are usually connected to work or visiting family overseas. But this was different. A trip back in time. To my musical youth. One of those nostalgic journeys I like to make occasionally. Changing my zip code for a few days. This time it was 32805.

orlando downtown
Downtown Orlando

So I went with hubby to see the good ol’ Stones. And I wasn’t disappointed. They are still rolling with an amazing speed.  And a strong, familiar beat in a masterful production. After playing together for over 50 years they still fill stadiums with 60K people. Remarkable.

Orlando zip code…

That was an experience to add to the previous ones. Several of which were said to be the last tour, the swan song. But retirement doesn’t seem to be in these guys’ vocabulary. Mick said “see you in 30 years”. And I’m not sure whether or not he was joking.

So I saw an alligator, even if I didn’t have the time to go to the wetlands. But fortunately I could see some birds. Like this Swan family.

two juvenile swans orlando
Juvenile Swans
baby swan 2
One of the juvenile Swans
daddy swan orlando
Papa Swan

And many other birds familiar from the salt marsh, including a few juveniles.

great egret orlando
A Great Egret
A Cormorant
juvenile great egret
A juvenile Great Egret

Now I’ll need to catch up on your blogs. And first thing tomorrow I’ll go see the Osprey family. I’ve heard there were very strong storms here at home last Friday night. I hope all of them are safe. I already have a sense that a lot has changed while I was away. But that will be for another story later this week.

Keep rolling, and have a wonderful week.

59 thoughts on “Swan Songs and Alligators.”

    1. Laughing. That’s right! It was my first time seeing swan babies. And would have loved to go to the wetlands, but we simply had too many other things on the program.

  1. What a great opportunity! I think we all have some great Stones memories, Mine revolve around dancing. Love how the swan photos complement the Stones swan song performance! Clever!

    1. Yes, it was great! They played many of my old favorites and we did other “touristy” things as well, for a change. I thought the swans would fit in well 🙂

    1. I hope so too, Jackie. Apparently some trees had fallen in the park, and smaller damage here and there. Tonight I only saw one bird in the nest from my terrace, so I’m going on expedition tomorrow. We had a great time away, but it’s good to be back home. Hugs ❤

  2. I can’t get no . . . satisfaction . . . but if you try some time, you just might find, you get what you need!

    Glad you enjoyed the Stones!

  3. Saturday at the salt marsh found the three chicks
    doing well, yelling for food the whole time we observed them.
    Impressed with your camera, my cheapo does not do justice to natures beauty.

    1. Thanks for the report! Then they have made it through the storm. I can only see one in the nest since last night. I couldn’t head out early today as planned, but will pay a visit and see if I can find all of them this afternoon.

  4. So glad you had a wonderful time out and still managed to include the beautiful local birds, as we do. We visited the original night club in Liverpool last week where the Beatles began, These were the 2 bands that influenced our band in the early years.

    1. It’s amazing how these guys still play and perform. I really enjoyed it. I guess those two bands influenced other bands widely. I’ve only played in two bands…the first was in Sweden and last was in Uganda almost 20 years back 🙂

  5. What a fun sounding trip! We’re going to see Lisa Fischer on June 24th here in Victoria – she was one of the Rolling Stones backup singers and wow does she have a voice! Have you seen ’20 Feet From Stardom’? She is featured in that documentary.
    Thank you for your book, which arrived in the mail today – looking forward to reading it!

    1. It was fun! And incredible to see how they have taken care of themselves – despite their early rough party years. A 2-hour workout on stage by Mick in 28 degrees C 🙂

  6. My only problem is that the Stones should have planned their concert tour with a little more thought to the osprey fledging schedule. LOL 😉 I hope all is well in the salt marsh, I wait on tenterhooks to hear how they weathered the storm! (Oh, and glad you had a good time! 😀 )

    1. A local blogging friend (his comment above) had visited the salt marsh on Saturday after the storms and seen all three chicks in the nest asking for food. Now I’ve only seen one bird in the nest (from my terrace) but will go out to look for them this afternoon. I hope I’ll find that Sindile has fledged!

  7. I liked the tie-in between swan songs and the perpetual retirement of The Rolling Stones. Although, now that I think of it, I’m not sure how the expression ‘swan song’ came to mean a finale anyway!

    1. Yes, it was a blast ~ musically and performance wise! The crowds were huge though and quite tiring for hubs, but we’re very happy we went.

  8. A Rolling Stones concert. How about that? When I saw them in 1978, I thought at the time that I was seeing them at the end of their run. Each time that they have toured since then, I thought the same thing. Check in with me in thirty years.

    1. Yes, I’ve thought the same, and even they said something to that effect around the Steel Wheels Tour in 1989, but stopped talking about retirement since…

  9. I honestly cannot believe the Rolling Stones are still doing concerts. Amazing!!! Talk about passion and fortitude!! I am so glad you got to see them, Tiny. They too are a reminder of my past. Thank you for this wonderful post filled with such incredible birds. (((HUGS))) Amy ❤

    1. Yes they are, and they draw 60 thousand people to the stadiums they play on this tour. It’s amazing! As you see, Amy, I have to seek out birds wherever I go 🙂 I would have liked to visit the famous wetlands too, but that remained on my bucket list. Hugs & love, Tiny ❤

      1. You are too funny, Tiny!! Now I know for sure you are obsessed with birds. LOL I admit I am obsessed by flowers. LOL I am laughing and giggling as I write this to you!!! (((HUGS))) Amy ❤

    1. They’re still going strong 🙂 I managed a small bird tour in the middle of other activities and was lucky to find the swans that I don’t see here. Thanks Amy.

  10. Great shots Tiny! It’s good to reminisce and enjoy a bit more of what you enjoyed previously! 🙂

  11. I love the Rolling Stones and the swans all in one post, Tiny. That sounds like a terrific adventure. What a great treat for you to go to the Stones concert, and a great treat for us to get to see a few of the photos. They look as wild and wonderful as ever…and so do the wading birds. 😀

    1. That was great…and I came to think about swan songs when I spotted the swans visiting one of the lakes there. But I wouldn’t tell them about that particular association 🙂 Thanks Jet.

    1. The concert was indeed as memorable as Cindy’s comment was on the spot 😀 This was my first time to see baby swans, they were not as beautiful as their parents, but ah so cute 🙂 Thanks Sylvia.

    1. It’s rumored the lead singer is an avid birdwatcher…so I thought I’d bring them together. First class? Yes, they were for sure.

    1. Thanks Frank. I would have liked to go to the wetlands, but the time for such solo outing just wasn’t there this time. I have a feeling the Stones will continue to “flunk” retirement for a while longer….the performance was quite fantastic…no signs of “aging”.

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