Teen Moods. Flying Feathers. And Other Excitement at the Osprey Nest.

The morning was beautiful. A few birds were out and about at the salt marsh, still looking for breakfast. Some were trying to hide in the bushes. And yet others chose to pose for the visitor.

spoonbill and ibis Sand Key Park Clearwater Florida
A White Ibis is looking for food, but Ms. Spoonbill is more interested in the paparazza…and someone is hiding in the bushes (to the left)
snowy egret Sand Key Park Clearwater Florida
A Snowy Egret is shopping for breakfast…

At the Osprey nest the breakfast was over.  Lofty was again looking after little Sindile, who has not yet fledged.  Mama Sandy had left to fetch her own breakfast, and middle sister Aspire was flying around somewhere, getting her exercise. Everything appeared peaceful.

But soon it was obvious something was amiss. When Aspire tried to return to the nest, Lofty got very excited. He was watching her approach and made it very clear she shouldn’t land in the nest.

two osprey chicks Sand Key Park Clearwater Florida
Look who’s flying there, it’s Aspire…

I have no idea what had happened between them earlier, perhaps at breakfast time. Maybe Aspire took the fish for herself, like I saw her do last week, and didn’t share enough with her siblings. But that’s just my speculation. What I saw is in this 1.5 minute video clip. The last segment is on half speed to let you see more in detail how it went down.

After this incident Aspire tried to land in the nest one more time while I was still there. Lofty chased her a short distance before returning to Sindile in the nest. Wondering what had caused this seemingly serious dispute between the two best buddies, I walked to the bay side.

Great Egret fishing in the bay Clearwater Florida
A Great Egret is fishing on the bay side…

I was on my way home, on the other side of a busy street, when I heard Lofty getting very vocal for the third time. I tried to capture the drama, shooting pictures from quite a distance over and between passing cars (you should have seen me, good I didn’t get killed). The shots are not very sharp, but the sequence of events is even clearer than in the video. Like in slow-er motion. Although for the two siblings it was fast enough, I’m sure of that.

osprey chick wants to return to her nest Sand Key Park Clearwater Florida
Aspire approaches the nest…
osprey chick gets excited and vocal Sand Key Park Clearwater Florida
Lofty gets vocal…and Sindile prepares to turn her back…
one osprey chick kicks out the other Sand Key Park Clearwater Florida
Lofty block’s Aspire’s new tactics, to come from below…
osprey chick prevents the other from entering the nest Sand Key Park Clearwater Florida
Lofty puts his foot down…on Aspire’s back…
osprey chick chases the other chick away Sand Key Park Clearwater Florida
Lofty flies after Aspire…
One osprey chick flies away while the other returns to the nest Sand Key Park Clearwater Florida
Aspire flies away again, while Lofty returns to the nest…feathers and decorations are flying in the air…

Poor Sindile didn’t want to know anything about the drama playing out while Mama Sandy was away. She turned her back and stared out into the distance. Maybe she was reflecting on the perils of fledging.

three ospey chicks in the nest Sand Key Park Clearwater Florida
All three chicks are in the nest one hour later…everyone in their own corner…

About an hour later, I checked on the chicks from my terrace. And saw all three in the nest. They didn’t talk, but at least they didn’t quarrel. The whole dispute, whatever it was about, was settled in good time before Sandy came back with fresh lunch. Such is life. Forgiveness always wins.

This is a scheduled post. I wish you all a great week and a wonderful weekend. See you next week 🙂


55 thoughts on “Teen Moods. Flying Feathers. And Other Excitement at the Osprey Nest.”

  1. Oh, the growing pains! But they are growing so strong and bold, I can’t help but smile. Still, I feel ‘sad’ because one day they will leave the nest. Earlier this morning, my husband & I discovered a pair of swallows making a nest near the flat. We can’t wait to see how the following days/weeks play out! 🙂 Wishing you a great weekend ahead in advance.

    1. I already feel sad that these young ospreys will only stay in the nest a few more weeks. Even Mama Sandy is away now for longer periods, perching close by, but she and Stanley still bring fish for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I hope you’ll see little swallows in a few weeks time 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend, Takami.

    1. Thanks Kathy. I’m happy they settled it so fast…and I’m still wondering what happened between them. I’m enjoying my time away 🙂 Have a great weekend!

    1. Yes, they do. I’m enjoying my time away…and the highlight will be tomorrow night 🙂 Have a great weekend my friend ❤

    1. Thank you. I have a feeling that Sindile is not very eager to fly as yet. I hope Sandy and Stanley will keep feeding her until she can fish for herself.

    1. They are amazing, and very old birds. Family is everything for them, and they care so well for their offspring. Happy you liked the video. Have a wonderful weekend, Sharon. XX

  2. Oh my, the risks you take to give us all the latest scoop!! Poor Aspire, I’m glad all was settled in the nest and I’m waiting with baited breath for the next installment in the drama! Great captures, Tiny!!

    1. Happy you enjoyed their adventures, Amy! I’m a bit worried about little Sindile. She should have fledged already by end of last week…I hope Sandy and Stanley will keep feeding her even after the two others have learned to fish for themselves. I hope I’ll see her flying when I return from my trip next week.

    1. I’m learning so much following this 5 bird family! And I’m happy to be able to share what I see. I’m also documenting the chicks developmental milestones…such fun!

  3. Wow Tiny! I was on tenterhooks. Such great captures there!
    The great egret with the reflections is a beautiful peaceful pause amongst the drama above.
    You said before that they stay as a family for a while. I wonder if Lofty is thinking differently about that!
    Fascinating dynamics that’s for sure.
    Thank you for capturing it all for us!

    1. I’m so happy you liked it, Val. The Egret, and the other guys, were close to the nest but wouldn’t be bothered by all the drama 🙂 Just before I left on my trip, I saw all three of them in the nest, but noticed Sandy spends much less time with them now. She brings the fish and sits a while and then leaves to perch somewhere close by. Just like Stanley. I think they are waiting to teach Lofty and Aspire to fish…

  4. Happy you liked our birds! I’m away from them right now on a short trip…hoping to find the youngest chick airborne when I return next week.

  5. Amazing post, Tiny!!! I am so happy to hear you did not get killed while taking these photos, but how you did it, I will never know! As for the fight, my jaw dropped as I watched. Thank goodness everyone was in the nest before Mama gets home. And yes forgiveness always wins out! Have a wonderful weekend, my friend! Love, Amy ❤

  6. Happy you enjoyed the little squabble of these teens, Amy. I’m on a short vacation until tomorrow night and already miss these feathered friends 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend Amy ❤

  7. Sweet Tiny those pictures are fabulous and the video is most amazing. I so enjoyed them all. Thank you so much for coming by and congratulating us on our anniversary. The support group is still helping me a whole lot, I am so thankful I found it. Thank you so much for the thoughts and hugs dear friend. Hope you are doing well and having a nice weekend. Hugs, Mags

  8. that wasn’t an amicable dispute, not really! “he called me…” “but he called me…first.” funny to see the sibling rivalry…even here. well, can be a good thing…competition, in moderation, is a healthy thing in anyone’s lives 😉
    oh, how amazing big they are now!! have a lovely, sunny sunday 🙂

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