Dim the Lights. Bring the Envelope. (Or Guest Post XVIII)

Hiff there! It’s me again, Bumble. Long time no see. Finally Mom allowed me to do a guest post on her blog.  And I hope it’s not only because she had to.  I came up with the prize for the best name proposals for the Osprey chicks. And it’s my book telling my story. She’s lucky I’m still here with my wits intact. At almost fifteen. It’s a respectable age, don’t you think?

new bumble laptop5 ed
Typing at Mom’s laptop…

Anyway, I’m happy to see you all again. How’ve you been? I hope life is smelling good. Like chicken. And that you’re getting enough exercise. I still walk Mom four times a day, and I’m on a new diet. I take that back. It’s actually not a diet. I’ve changed the way I eat. And that’s changed the way I feel. I’ve gotten a new leash on life. I heard my groomer say that to Mom the other day. I didn’t quite get it as I already have a leash. Actually two, if you count the short orange one from the hospital. But who cares, I feel fine.

Had to pose for Mom the other day...
Had to pose for Mom the other day…

You’re not curious to know the secret anti-aging trick that has allowed me to keep my good looks well into old age? No, you don’t need to click on anything, or buy anything. I’ll tell you right now for free: no dog treats! Only fresh baby carrots and apples between healthy meals. Preferably grilled chicken. Or poached salmon. So now you have it.

Otherwise it’s been busy around here. We spend a lot of time in the office. Mom and I. And we’re working hard. She talks on the phone or writes. When she’s not flying somewhere or exercising with the birds around the salt marsh. And I guard all her papers.

bumble in mom's office
Guarding Mom’s papers in the office…

One of my favorite pastimes is listening to the osprey chicks on our terrace. I’d say watching, but that’d be a lie. My eye sight is not that good anymore.

Listening to the osprey chicks...and guarding Mom's drink. Water, I think.
Listening to the osprey chicks…and guarding Mom’s drink. Water, I think.

And even Mom uses some kind of long glasses to watch them. But they are loud when they want food. And they seem to eat all the time. Like I did when I was younger. Always helping Mom in the kitchen. Picked up anything and everything she dropped. Under five seconds, with a good margin.

Sorry. Here I’m talking away when we need to get down to business. Dim the lights. We got many great proposals on names for the three osprey chicks. I’m sure you’re itching to know the winners…oh, I almost forgot! I asked mom why they needed names in the first place when we could just call them the big, middle and little chick. Mom said it wasn’t just for fun. A name with a good photo helps to recognize them, should they show up again after they leave the nest. Even if it’s much later, like after my next birthday. A satisfactory explanation, I thought. Much like my ID tag. So here we go. Dim the lights again.

bumble meditating in the dining room
Dim the lights!

And bring me the envelope. Mom? You were supposed to sit on the couch here. And hand me the envelope with your Excel sheet and the rationales we agreed on. I’ll need to paste them here.  Why do you always complicate things …oh, there you are! Thanks Mom…I have to bite this open. And now I press  “insert”. Ta Da!

osprey chick names

Lofty describes the personality of the big chick to the dot. He is imposing and a bit patronizing. Always wants to have the fish for himself and eat first. And be the first in the air. Val wins a book!

Aspire is a great name for the middle chick, who is well behaved but otherwise aspires to be like the big chick, sits next to him all the time and tries to come and eat with him. Kathy wins a book!

Sindile is a suitable name for the little chick. It means survivor (African origin). She has grown to a beautiful bird despite meager odds. And is slowly getting more assertive. Nancy Tex wins a book!

Bumble counting the books BG
Just checking…yes, we have enough books. The rest will go to the shop at the shelter.

There you go! And all the others ( Gallivanta, Jackie, Lorrie, Nancy, Nancy, and Susan) share the second place and get a card with all the chicks’ IDs. Once Mom has gotten lucky with a neat picture of them. That I approve of.  I’ve already volunteered to help her print it on the cards. Maybe she’ll allow me to sign them as well. I think my paw print looks quite good. Mom doesn’t always agree. Like that time I put my print on one of her mementos, a Zambian driver’s license.

Bumble selfie BG
Looks can be deceiving…I’m a good guard dog.

All winners please send your address to me at tinylessonsblog@aol.com. I promise to keep it safe. I’ll growl if someone tries to steal it. And I’m prepared to bite should tough measures be required. Looks can be deceiving. But you already know that, right?

Bumble Skydiving BG
An illustration from my book…I’m living fearlessly.

Thanks for playing and live fearlessly. Until next time. Love, Bumble

60 thoughts on “Dim the Lights. Bring the Envelope. (Or Guest Post XVIII)”

  1. Fantastic names! Congrats winners! You will love the book (my Sam is in it!) Bumble, you are a great host and envelope opener. 🙂

    1. Thanks Jackie! You believed in me and said I’m the right dog for the job. Happy I didn’t disappoint 😀 Say hi to Sam ~ Bumble

  2. Bumble – What a magnificent job – humble humorous and authentically you! Thank you for making the announcement. I can’t wait to receive your book. 🐾

    1. Thanks Val! Your proposal got two votes. Mine and mom’s. I hope you like my story. My first few years didn’t make me wag my tail, but it’s gotten better ever since. ❤ Bumble

  3. Loved your blog, great story telling! and your adorable dog. It sounded a little like me and Bella our old silky, I am always talking to it and including it in my conversations at home as if it were human, which makes people laugh at times. It is great to have your dog as a working partner:-)

    1. Happy you liked Bumble’s story telling. He’s a fully fledged helper and family member, like your Bella. His book trickles in some much needed funding to the animal shelter here locally. He says hi to Bella 🙂

      1. It’s wonderful that Bumbles supports the animal shelter, you certainly have a very progressive canine there! Bella sends back an Aussie G’day to Bumbles too;-)

    1. Thanks Nancy! Happy you liked my post and the name picks. Now we’ll know who it is when any of the chicks fly by the terrace. I’m sure quite soon …and I will not bark at them.That’s a promise.

  4. Aw, Bumble, I’ve missed you! Thanks for picking me as one of the winners! Can’t wait to get your book in 3D after loving it in ebook format!

    1. You’re very kind, Nancy! I’m hoping mom sees this and let’s me write more often. I also know the paper book smells better than the e-version. I’ve tested it.

  5. Thanks a million, Bumble! Glad you’re feeling better and being so helpful to your Mom….(Would you please pass a big thank you on to your Mom for me too?)

    1. I’m feeling much better…and I’ve gotten my running gear working again so I can switch from walking to running any time I want. I hope you’ll like my book. Ps. I did tell mom you thanked me.

  6. Bumble, so wonderful to have a special blog post from you. I like your change of diet. I must see if Jack would like apple and carrots. Love the names for the osprey children, and I am excited about receiving my card.

    1. Hi Gallivanta! I hope Jack will like my food regimen. It’s really good and I feel much younger now. Say hi to him for me! I’ll make sure the picture in the card will give you a nice memory of this year’s chicks. I like them too 😘

        1. You can email it now! The cards are not yet ready, but I think I got some good footage today 🙂 so they will be ready next week.

    1. Thank you, Amy. The last 10 years, since my rescue, have been really happy and I can tell you I ran all the way back home on our walk this morning. ❤ Bumble

  7. Bumble, 15 years sure is a respectable age, I will want to try that healthy diet of yours of carrots, apple, grilled chicken and salmon. 😂 i love the name Sindile good choice !

  8. Bumble: I really like that no-treat rule and respect your restraint. I laughed when I saw the first photo (in a good way) and enjoyed your take on things. Hey to Mom too. 😀

    1. But you were right David. I’ve had big dogs all my life (German Shepherds and Dobermans) until I saw Bumble in an animal shelter ten years ago. And Bumble is actually huge. Internally, of course.

  9. Dear sweet Bumble, I loved reading your post. You write so well!, and I love the names chosen for the new chicks. Baby carrots and apple snacks sound like a great idea for humans too. Nice to know you’re such a big help to your Mom. Carry on with the good work. 🙂 xx

    1. Thank you Sylvia ! Yes, I’m helping mom every day…I think we need to assess my snack situation soon. Maybe add mango to the mix. XX 🐩

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