WPC Forces of Nature: The Many Faces of Storms (9 Images)

This weeks DP Photo Challenge is “Forces of Nature”. Living close to the ocean and the intracoastal waters, I’ve snapped a few pictures of storms over the last few years. I find it fascinating how the light changes with the atmospherics of the storms. Here are a few images I’ve selected for this challenge.

storm over the bay WPC
The skies darken before the storm, but light is always there behind the clouds…
bay storm skies WPC
…even when “storm dogs” run wild in the skies…
…a window of light suddenly opens in the wall of rain over the ocean…
storm approaching the beach WPC
… and light acquires a mysterious quality when a storm approaches from the ocean…
stormy ocean waves WPC
..at other times there’s plenty of light, but the ocean is so angry it’s difficult to stand upright…
...and sometimes it rain so hard you can't go out to shoot anything at all...
…and many times there’s practically no light …and you can’t go out to shoot anything at all…
rainbow WPC
Then a rainbow shows up in the sky after the storm…
...and the birds get a rainwater bath on the flooded beach.
…and the birds get a bath in a newly formed “lake” on the flooded beach. The storm is over.

You can find other responses to the challenge here. Have a wonderful week. May your skies be sunny and bright.

51 thoughts on “WPC Forces of Nature: The Many Faces of Storms (9 Images)”

    1. The rainbow is an older picture, but the light shining through clouds is from the storm that was the first for the Osprey chicks recently. Happy you liked them, Jackie!

    1. Thanks Nancy! That picture from inside out is a rare picture for me. We don’t get rain on those particular glass doors because the terrace roof reaches about 12 feet out. This was the only time in almost five years that these glass doors were covered in rain from top to bottom. It rained completely sideways with strong winds.

    1. Thanks Tish. That “window” was a spectacular phenomenon, never seen before or since. Hubby was shouting to come see it while it lasts, and I ran out with my camera. The window “closed” in a couple of minutes…now need to check out that painting.

      1. Actually Rothko’s windows are all rather crimson, and not physically like your window at all. But then he was trying to create a window into other deeper human worlds and experience, and that’s what struck me about your window. If that makes sense. 🙂

    1. That was an amazing sight, never seen before or after. It closed in a few minutes so it truly was a window of opportunity 😉

  1. Oh Tiny…so wonderful!! Reminds me a little of the storms of our lives…eh? Especially the part about no matter how dark it gets, “light is always there behind the clouds!” Much love and beautiful blessings to you ♡♡♡

    1. Thank you Lorrie! I was thinking that way too when I saw the outcome of the second picture. When it’s seemingly dark everywhere, the light is still always present. Love and blessing to you too ❤

  2. Love your shares of stormy skies and aftermath. My fave is that window of light!

    I have faith the sun will rise
    Even when veiled by stormy skies
    The horizon remains steadfast too
    Even when hidden from our view

  3. Wow! Such life in your images! Florida definitely knows how to entertain with its storms, and you’ve captured many facets of their intensity and beauty.

    1. Thank you Cyndi. You’re right, storms here tend to be quite spectacular. But we always like them to remain “little” storms that bring rain and some cooler air.

    1. Happy you liked them, Kathy. The “window” was spectacular. It just opened suddenly and was gone in minutes, I just had enough time to get a couple of pictures.

    1. Thanks Sylvia. I still remember the day last winter when I took the image of the “angry ocean”. My eyes were watering from the wind and I could hardly withstand the wind. Cheers ~ Helen.

  4. For me there is nothing quite like a good storm to show another side of beauty of Mother Nature and you have captured it so well with this post.

    1. Thank you Randall. Indeed, storms have a furious type of beauty…there have been a couple of tropical storms that I would have liked to picture, but it’s been impossible to go out for all the debris flying around ~ Have a wonderful weekend.

    1. Thank you Matti. The skies here are ever changing….from completely blue to blue with cotton candy clouds, to dull gray or almost black clouds. Right now it’s blue with some white little clouds.

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