Sunrise Walk with Mother

Found a little bird at sunrise today

And I saw you, Mother, in a mythical way

So young, vibrant and full of life

Just few short months before you left

Us children, by cancer’s theft.


The little bird sang a beautiful song

And I heard your voice, no longer so strong

“My children, I love you”

That was your last Mother’s Day

The next morning took you away.


The little bird looked right at me

And I felt you, Mother, warm esprit

I told you we grew up missing you 

But made it through life, somehow

You are a great grandma now.


The little bird took in the morning’s calm

And I sensed you around, a soothing balm

My eyes welled up with gratitude

I picked a flower thinking of you

And the little bird flew its way too.

Happy mothers day

Epilogue:  I was working on the third verse of this poem when a small bird came to sit on the lounger just outside the glass doors to my office.  It was just like the bird I saw in the park at sunrise. It looked straight into the room. Then it flew to the glass door itself, hung onto the vertical glass surface with its little feet for a few seconds, and looked in again before it flew away. Quite magical.

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers!

47 thoughts on “Sunrise Walk with Mother”

  1. You were inspired! Thank you for sharing.

    Happy Mother’s Day to you also! I saw my daughter several weeks ago, so did not go back this weekend. My husband and I went out for a nice lunch and are having a quiet afternoon at home.


  2. Really touchingly beautiful Tiny, in the tears your loss I share tears with you as you in tribute to the precious memory of your dear mum, Happy Mother’s day!

          1. The challenge of Life when someone we Love goes on, leaving us in this realm of existence, is not to live from the perspective of the past, but to live from the perspective of the present, and bringing with us, that which means so much to us to integrate into our present moment. Whew! I’m rather philosophical this morning, my friend! And I just cracked open my peepers. LOL (((HUGS))) Amy ❤

            1. I wrote that one down, Tiny, and when it goes on Petals, (and it shall) I will dedicate it to you. May your day be a good one, my friend. Love, Amy ❤

  3. Beautiful! My mother has been gone 18 years now. She suffered with mental illness and severe depression, so was not always the easiest person in the world to get along with, but on Mother’s Day I was thinking about her and realized that she is the reason I have my deep love of birds and birding. She definitely introduced me to bird watching and trying to identify the different species. I even have an old birder’s journal of hers where she wrote what birds she saw each day. So, I found your poem very touching, and the epilogue nearly brought tears! ❤

    1. So we have our memories of our mothers. Mine always touch me most around Mother’s Day because it also was her last day in life. I’ve never before seen a bird hang onto the glass right in front of me like this one did. It was quite emotional for me.

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