The Sky Is Falling. Thy Daily Folklore.

The annual Sugar Sand Festival at Pier 60 on Clearwater Beach closes in a couple of hours. But if we walk fast, we can still make it!

Clearwater Beach at pier 60 Pier 60 Clearwater Beach This year’s theme is Sugar Sand Tales. Ten internationally renowned sand sculptors have created stunning scenes reminding us of our childhood’s fairytales.

sugar sand festival tent clearwater beach

Let’s enter this enchanted storyland housed in a massive 21,000 sqf tent, where our fantasy and great memories will be brought to life.

We made it out just in time for the fireworks! They too are like fairytales. Whimsical and inventive. See for yourself.

sugar sand festival fireworks clearwater beach sugar sand festival fireworks clearwater beach sugar sand festival fireworks clearwater beach sugar sand festival fireworks clearwater beach

And now that we are in a child-like mood, we can go home and watch the uplifting nature movie made right here, Dolphin Tale 2.

sugar sand festival clearwater beach

Thanks for joining me for a tour inside this timeless storybook made of sugar sand. May your week be magical.

46 thoughts on “The Sky Is Falling. Thy Daily Folklore.”

  1. Tiny!!! OH MY GOSH! These sculptures are beyond exotic, are beyond magical! I cannot even begin to image the HOURS of intensive labor that these sculptures required, and then for the elements just to wear them away? Wow! Now that IS LOVE! For no other reason to create then it it because it is something you LOVE to do. Thank you for this walk, (LUCKY YOU!), one that I wanted SO bad just to jump into with you. As for the fireworks, one word … WOW! The movie I plan on watching tonight as I relax before another challenging day in my gardens tomorrow. Love to you, my friend! Love, Amy ❤

    1. Thank you dear Amy! I’m happy you liked the sand sculptures. They were so skillfully done in all small details, truly magical! The exhibit was covered for the time of the festival by this huge tent, which will probably come down tonight, and then it’ll not take long before nature claims back the sand. And the fireworks were to whimsical, very different from what one usually sees. The movie is beautiful too. I had an opportunity to see it at the premiere here because my friend worked at the Marine Aquarium, which is a rescue and rehabilitation center for dolphins, sea turtles etc. Have a wonderful evening, and a good gardening week, my friend. Love Tiny ❤

  2. I have always loved sand sculptures. I don’t see too many up here. 😉 Amazing pictures my friend. You are getting so good at taking them. ❤

    1. Thanks Jackie! I missed this event last year and decided it wouldn’t happen this year 🙂 I went early in the morning when there were no crowds so I could take some pictures too. These artists are so good, it was thoroughly enjoyable. Will email soon. Hugs ❤

    1. Yes, they are! The little details and the huge structures all sculpted with the finest sand. Happy you enjoyed their beautiful art.

    1. The talented sand artists had created all these fairytale characters exactly like they are pictured in books and films! Thanks, Amy.

    1. They are! And they kept them “together” for 10 days! There were small fans blowing moist air in the tent. I hope you’re doing better. XX

    1. I was thinking that all their work is so marvelous, yet they know it’ll be there only for a couple of weeks, max, for people to enjoy. That’s quite amazing.

    1. I think that the sculptures were ready when the exhibit opened 10 days ago. It would have been very difficult to have public there in the limited space when sand was brought in, etc. I have seen this happening only when they are sculpting on an open beach. On the other hand, none of these wonderful works would have lasted in the open with the storms we had the past weekend.

    1. Thanks Hien! There we colored spot lights in the ceiling of this huge tent. Most sculptures were “lighted up” this way, a few were not.

  3. Have been in the area (Spring Hill) for almost ten years
    and did not know that this event existed.
    Enjoyed the sand sculptures yearly in Ocean City MD for many years.
    If this is a yearly event, when is it held ? ? ?
    I’m still red from our visit to Sand Key last weekend.
    ME and the Boss

    1. Yes, this is an annual event, held around this time of the year. The theme is different each year. Did you see the osprey family in the salt marsh when you visited last weekend?

    1. Happy you enjoyed “coming back”! Last year I missed this event due to my travels, but was so happy I could go just before it ended this year.

    1. It was such fun to recognize these sand sculptures from classic fairytales! Happy you visited the exhibition 🙂

  4. Thank you for sharing the tour! I love this blogging business! I get to see so much more of the world. And your kindness through your words and lens allows that! 🙂

    1. It’s true that we get to see so much of the world right here at home through our friends 🙂 And I’m learning a lot from your innovations! Thanks for coming along, Koko!

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