Silly Saturday: Reddish Egret. The Showman. Animated.

Just to be a little silly on a lazy Saturday, I wanted to see if I could create a couple of animated GIFs from my existing bird photos. I got the inspiration from a cute video GIF I saw on Live and Learn last night.

I haven’t made any videos in ages, so a video GIF was out of the question. But I knew clumsier animated GIFs, a little bit like old films from early the 1900s, could be created from stills as well. Ideally taken for that purpose, of course. But since I’ve never created any animations, I had no pictures taken explicitly for these kinds of GIFs.

Then I thought of the Reddish Egret . He’s been showing off his fishing skills several times. Or just showing off. I had planned to feature him in a future “Wordless Wednesday” post, but got the idea to try to animate him. He’s worth it. And I’d have fun.

In the first image he just runs and flexes his muscles. Boosts his confidence in preparation for a fishing trip. But never gets anywhere.

reddish egret shows off
Reddish Egret prepares for his hunt. Copyright Tinylessonsblog 2015.

In the second image he gets serious. Buffs himself up, takes a few steps, hits the water and picks a fish. Every time.

Reddish Egret fishing gif
Reddish Egret picks a fish. Copyright Tinylessonsblog 2015.

Happy weekend to everyone. May you catch a fish every time you try  😀