Recalculating. Birds and Drones over the Salt Marsh.

This report from the salt marsh actually covers only the first half of the week, up until Wednesday. But don’t you worry, there’s been a full week’s worth of excitement. As you read this I’ll be traveling. And hoping a little osprey chick would have arrived by the time I’ll be back next week 🙂

female osprey sitting on the eggs
Mama osprey sits on the egg(s) February 21st

That brings me back to my calculations of the “due date”. I have now gone through my pictures from February. And I can say, with a high degree of certainty, that Sandy was incubating on February 21st. She may have laid the first egg on February 20-21. If that is correct, we would expect a hatchling anytime from this weekend to Monday-Tuesday next week.

Mexican Gulf sunset Sand key beach clearwater
Sunset over the Gulf.

Last weekend I took a walk at sunset time. It was a beautiful evening. The salt marsh was quiet, most birds had already gone to their sleeping quarters. The only one still feeding in the shallow waters was a Roseate Spoonbill clad in hot pink breeding colors.

roseate spoobill
A Roseate Spoonbill looks for dinner.

Mama Sandy had eaten her dinner and was sitting on the eggs.  She raised her head to say hi. I didn’t see Papa Stanley. So I went looking for him. And found him in his man cave finishing dinner.

mama osprey at sunset
Mama Osprey sits on the egg(s) at sunset time…the sun no longer reaches the nest.
osprey eating at sunset
Papa Osprey finishes a meal in his still sunny man cave on the other side of the road.

It was getting dark, and I had started my walk home, when I heard a faint humming sound. I looked up and saw a manmade bird, a drone, flying above the park. It was small, but I managed to get a photo when it turned and was lit up by the sunset’s afterglow.

a drone flies over Sand Key park
A drone flies over the park.

From a distance I heard Sandy sound a short alarm. I’m sure Stanley flew right away over to the nest to protect her and the egg(s) from this unfamiliar danger. I’m assuming this was their first time to see such a strange “bird” fly in the skies over the marsh. It certainly was for me. And I can’t say I liked it. I definitely prefer birds made by nature. Like these little fellows.

A Mottled Duck couple basking in the midday sun.

The beginning of the week was peaceful. Lots of birds in the marsh. Many of them pairing up and working on their nests.

ibis in flight
A White Ibis flies to the bay side.
red-bellied woodpecker in the pine tree
The Red-bellied Woodpecker works in a pine tree close to his condo home.
Boat-tailed Grackle
A Boat-tailed Grackle observes the goings-on in the marsh.
red-winged blackbird
A Red-winged Blackbird is a new resident in the marsh.
a juvenile pied billed grebe
This tiny Pied-billed Grebe lives in the marsh with her mom and dad.

As to Sandy and Stanley, they have spent the week doing what matters most. Family stuff. Protecting the nest, incubating, bathing, preening, exercising, inspecting the egg(s) and feeding. The other day I happened to witness a food transport. Papa Stanley was returning from a fishing trip over the ocean. Delivering a nice fresh fish to Mama Sandy.

papa osprey brings fish to mama
Papa Osprey delivers fresh seafood…a small fish.

They quickly changed shifts. Stanley sat on the eggs and Sandy took the fish and flew off to the  lamp-post close by to enjoy it.

 osprey eats on a lamp-post
Mama Osprey enjoys her food on a nearby lamp-post.

She then returned to the nest and did her pilates balancing on the edge. Stretching her arms and legs in turn. Followed by light flying exercises around the marsh.

mama osprey does her workout
Mama Osprey does her pilates…
Mama Osprey flies around the nest
Mama Osprey flies around the marsh just to get some exercise.

I wish them…and you all a wonderful weekend! I’ll catch up on your blogs next week as soon as I return.

Reporting from the salt marsh on Wednesday, Tiny


59 thoughts on “Recalculating. Birds and Drones over the Salt Marsh.”

  1. Oh the photos are just wonderful and I love the one of the osprey peering down at you from the nest! Had to send you this video about drones and hawks. If one flew over The Holler, the hawks would turn t to toast!

    1. Thanks Cindy! Wow – the video is amazing! I’m sure the same would happen to a drone over Holler. This one flew very high, but had it come in lower and closer to the nest, I think Papa Osprey would have gotten it down too, he certainly has the skills 🙂

    1. Thanks Jackie! Oh, if they dare to take this drone here again…they might just find it in the shallow waters of the marsh 🙂

  2. Beautiful sunset photo. Stunning pink colours on the Spoonbill. Love the flash of red (and yellow) on the Blackbird, I didn’t even know there was such a variety – the things I’m learning from your blog! 🙂

    1. Thank you! The Spoonbills are always colorful, but at courting time they become hot pink, like this one. I’ll try to get a picture of the Red-winged blackbird in flight so you can see the beautiful red patches on her wings 🙂

    1. I could consider that, part-time consultant and part-time doula. But there’s a slight problem. I’m not certified. And there’s no training available 🙂

    1. Thanks Sylvia. I’m hoping to see or hear a hatchling tomorrow when I get to go to the marsh again or see one little head when I look with binoculars from my terrace…it’s time 😀

  3. Oh how exciting if the Osprey chick was hatched over the weekend! Fabulous photos as always! And I’m with you about the drones – they’re very disturbing.

  4. How wonderful to have all these birds so close and in a beautiful location. Your photos are very beautiful Tiny. Thank you for the nice post. 🙂

    1. The drone really looked like it didn’t belong here…I bet it was from a Real Estate Agency. But happy they can’t build anything in the protected park…

  5. So that’s how mama got back into pre-egg shape!

    What beautiful coloring on the spoonbill (well, all the birds really)!

    1. That’s right! She’s really good at pilates…and other exercises too! The Spoonbill was wearing its courting costume, which is the hottest pink in its wardrobe 🙂

    1. The tiny (not more than 6-7 inches) Grebe won my heart too. S/he was probably out in the big world for the first time without parents because I didn’t see them around that day.

  6. What a life you live 🙂 While the opening shot is something so regal that I cannot stop looking at it ~ the number of amazingly photogenic birds you have in this place astounds me… We have the black-faced spoonbill out here in Hong Kong, which is a stunning bird (one of my favorites), so also partial to your spoonbill too. Cheers to a great weekend!

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