Wordless Wednesday: Guess Who? Times Five.

yellowcrowned night heron
Guess who’s hiding beneath this umbrella?
yellowcrowned night heron 2 WW
It’s the Yellow-crowned Night Heron, my friend. Did you get it right in the end?
female osprey preens
Guess who’s veiling her beauty with this glamorous hair do?
It's Mama Osprey! She can be funny too...
Mama Osprey! SheΒ can be funny too…says peek-a-boo!
reddish egret hunting
Guess who’s disguisedΒ behind these blue “sails”?
reddish egret WW
It’s Mr. Showman, who surprises nails! The Reddish Egret…he never fails!
Guess who’s disappeared underneath this “hang glide”?
papa osprey 2 WW
It’s the brave Papa Osprey showing his might! He’s an impressive sight!
snowy egret guess who by tiny WW
Guess who’s taking a bath in her fluffy white gown?
snowy egret sitting in water
It’s Miss Snowy Egret. She loves refreshing baths and has no regret…getting her gown wet!


34 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Guess Who? Times Five.”

  1. Thanks Takami! It’s quite funny when they hide and then peek out…happy you enjoyed this little picture story πŸ™‚ Spring was definitely here today!

  2. These are the best bird images that I have ever seen! You captured their expressions, Amazing!!! The clarity is incredible! Love it!

    1. Thanks Amy for your kind words! They have so many expressions…sometimes one can guess what they might be pondering πŸ™‚

    1. Her white gown was just floating on the water, but finally she got it all wet…This was the second time I saw her in the middle of the pond like that. Quite a sight πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks Val! She had taken a bath and was drying herself…PO was incubating. Her expression when she noticed me under the nest was priceless πŸ™‚

      1. I love the expressions on their faces that you capture. You are doing and amazing job photographing those beautiful birds. Hugs

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