Monday Musings: A Winter Walk

I have no thoughts. All dissolved into the loud silence of this winter afternoon. Previously important to-dos and to-haves gone. Wafted into these woods. Soundlessly. Graciously.

But I am.  Conscious of being part of this resplendent nature. Privileged to breathe in the clean air.  Feeling its refreshing energy. And to breathe out. Gently. Replenished.

I have no thoughts. But I am. Sensing love emanating from the earth. And grace from the heavens. Purpose reflected in every last ray of light. Passion for life. And hope.


47 thoughts on “Monday Musings: A Winter Walk”

    1. It was actually a bit below freezing and a sprinkling of snow on the ground when I walked in this forest in Finland last November. Afterwards one forgets the cold part (but probably not if the nose hairs had frozen) and only the peace remains in memory ….

  1. I can picture myself standing quietly surrounded by winter’s quiet susurrus – A lovely calm from the release of those to-dos and to-haves. A lovely photo too. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Thus is the Purpose of Nature ….. YOU have found the Key to Life, Tiny! Think of me in the zone at the Falls …. goosebumps!!! Thank you for this awesome post, my friend. You are truly a wonder to behold! Love, Amy

      1. SOOOOOO excited ….. i’ve elected to listen to the music my Dad was listening to when he was dying when I am photographing. Tiny, this trip will be one of my most important in my Life! Yes, goosebumps!

  3. What a soothing prayer of gratitude for all our many blessings — which are easily overlooked in our busy rushing about pace. Thank you for this gentle reminder, Tiny!! 💐

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