Arts and Architecture: The Dali Museum

Last Sunday we went on an artsy outing with some friends to see the Picasso-Dali exhibition now showing at the Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, FL.

And it didn’t disappoint! This exhibition combined rarely loaned works from 25 art museums and private collections around the world, and showed a number of similarly themed paintings side by side.

Exhibition poster by Dali Museum
Exhibition poster by Dali Museum

Two giants, who represent surrealistic art at its best, showcased the power of imagination freed from suppression by the conscious mind. Very interesting indeed to see the contradictions between dream and reality dissolve right before our eyes … in the paintings of these two surrealist artists. And to be able to compare, side by side, the unchained creativity of their unconscious minds.

A Dali themed wall clock
A Dali themed wall clock we bought here a few years ago, and now hangs right here in my office.

It was not possible, of course, to take pictures from inside the exhibition, but the lobby area and the building itself with surroundings offered some eye-catching scenes. This “Fire Horse” in the lobby/shop area was quite good on the eye, I thought.

The "Fire Horse" in the Dali Museum lobby
The “Fire Horse” in the Dali Museum lobby

Next to it was the intriguing “Rainy Rolls” with snails crawling on the roof and hood of the car, and the driver inside featuring a heavy diving helmet.

rainy rolls at Dali Museum in the lobby
The diver/diver in the Rainy Rolls
rainy rolls hood at Dali Museum
The hood of the Rainy Rolls

It was a windy but beautiful day, so while others were shopping for some souvenirs, I decided to take a stroll outside.

sailing boats in st. petersburg marina
Marina next to the Dali Museum

I walked around the building designed by architect Yann Weymouth, admiring the huge glass bubble, known as “enigma”, bursting out of the building. It is made up of over one thousand triangular pieces of glass!

the Dali Museum glass bubble "enigma"
One side of the “enigma” at Dali Museum
dali museum 2
Another side of the glass bubble at Dali Museum
dali museum entrance
The entrance to Dali Museum
surreal palm reflections on windows of Dali museum
Surreal reflections of palms on the glass bubble of the Dali Museum

The gardens around the building are also interesting. There is a Dali-inspired dolphin sculpture and a huge “Dali mustache”, in addition to intriguing and beautiful landscaping.

dolphin sculpture at dali museum
The dolphin at the cafe entrance to Dali Museum
dali museum garden - mustache
The Dali’ish mustache sculpture  in the Museum gardens

The interior of the building is equally fascinating. From the 3rd floor landing, where the exhibition halls reside, one could admire the sights in many directions through the glass windows. And even check the skies.

st pete pier from Dali Museum
St. Petersburg Pier as seen from inside of the Dali Museum
view towards the marina from through dali museum windows
View towards the marina and downtown through the Museum window
sky through dali museums glass roof2
Through the roof – sky

Hubby made sure we added a new piece to our Picasso collection 😉 so that the previous piece we bought in Barcelona a few years back would have company.

picasso plate from Dali Museum
Our Picasso plate from the Dali Museum
Picasso plate from Barcelona Musee Picasso
Our Picasso plate from Museu Picasso in Barcelona

This exhibition is worth visiting if your ways lead you to the Tampa Bay area before February 22nd or to Barcelona in the spring. This exhibition will open there, in Musei Picasso, mid March.

We all left the museum in a surreal, festive mood that had to be celebrated in the form of fine dining on our way home.

I hope you had a bit of a surreal time too, Tiny