Fish Platter. Buy One, Get Two Free. Frame by Frame.

great egret in salt marsh
Time to get some lunch…
great egret hunting
That looks like a good appetizer, I think I’ll go for it…
fish flying into the mouth of a great egret
Gee! That was fly-in’ service!
hreat egret hunting 2
Now, what to select for the main course? The fish platter looks good…
grea egret hunting3
And it’s a good bargain. Buy one, get two free!
great egret with three fish closeup
That’s it. Yummy!
little blue heron and great egret fishing
That was a good lunch. I’m too full for a dessert, and it’s starting to get crowded here…
great egret flying home
… an afternoon nap at home might be in order…
anhinga and great egret
…I just hope my new neighbor knows to keep quiet.


27 thoughts on “Fish Platter. Buy One, Get Two Free. Frame by Frame.”

    1. That was a Great Egret. He was really entertaining that day… with fish flying into his mouth and then just picking three in one go.

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