Fish Platter. Buy One, Get Two Free. Frame by Frame.

great egret in salt marsh
Time to get some lunch…
great egret hunting
That looks like a good appetizer, I think I’ll go for it…
fish flying into the mouth of a great egret
Gee! That was fly-in’ service!
hreat egret hunting 2
Now, what to select for the main course? The fish platter looks good…
grea egret hunting3
And it’s a good bargain. Buy one, get two free!
great egret with three fish closeup
That’s it. Yummy!
little blue heron and great egret fishing
That was a good lunch. I’m too full for a dessert, and it’s starting to get crowded here…
great egret flying home
… an afternoon nap at home might be in order…
anhinga and great egret
…I just hope my new neighbor knows to keep quiet.