20 thoughts on “Musing Monday: Breathe In the Morning Wind”

    1. Thanks Amy dear! My long hike on Honeymoon Island yesterday was truly beautiful. A paradise on earth kind of place, nature at its best. Have lots of pics to show later. Have a wonderful week! Hugs, Tiny

  1. A four hour hike on “osprey trail” and “pelican trail” yesterday! And I feel it today 🙂 This island is about 40 minutes drive north from us.

  2. I’m pausing and breathing … and thinking I REALLY need to get out and enjoy the fresh air and finches in the yard.
    Not quite the same … but good enough 🙂

    1. Fresh air is always good…and so is moving. It has been raining here the whole morning today…I’m hoping it will clear up so I can get out 🙂

  3. A long-time fan of Rumi, I wonder why the focus on the morning? I consciously inhale and appreciate every breath of fresh air, even when I’m walking the dogs at night. 🙂 Here’s to our valuing breath, whenever! And to your always appreciated photos.

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