Musing Monday: Quiet Eye

With an eye made quiet

by the power of harmony,

and the deep power of joy,

we see into the life of things.

– William Wordsworth

I like the sentiment of a quiet eye. An eye that not only sees the blessings we have, but also the blessings we can give to others. An eye that appreciates the message and the joy of the Season. And sees into the life of all things, much beyond the hubbub going on around us.

30 thoughts on “Musing Monday: Quiet Eye”

    1. This is the season of love and peace, although that’s not very obvious in the external world right now. But we can always find it internally.

  1. Tiny, how you edited this image is so COOL! I need to learn how to do that. Now you inspired me today to pull out the books and get to it! Fantastic image!!! (((HUGS))) Amy

    1. Thank you Randall. I think seeing into life with a quiet eye, like you do so well in your photos, is a good thing any time of the year. But maybe even more now when we look both backward and forward…

  2. We were in the Everglades. I was not close enough to the spoonbills to see their eyes, but I saw the eyes of those who were with us on the trail. Eyes filled with wonder and awe at the pink birds! :).

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