Holiday Travel. And All Its Trials.

Make no mistake, the holiday travel rush has started. At the busy airport on the ocean side, those wanting to land there had to wait for their turn to hit the runways.

congested landing strip
Terns lining up for landing…

Some were put into a holding pattern and had to circle the airport.

trio of flying pelicans
Pelicans in a holding pattern…

Others became a bit desperate and decided to make an emergency descent to a lower altitude. Just in case.

pelican diving 2 (2)
A Pelican diving…

Luckily everyone attempting to land got their gear down on time. No accidents reported, but there definitely were some close calls.

royal tern coming in for landing tm
A Royal Tern asking for permission to land…
pelican landing and tern flying
A Pelican landing…

Some of the departing flights demonstrated excellent on-time performance, some not. But that’s to be expected.

pelican taking off
A Pelican taking off…

Those who had landed were happy to reach their destinations. A few showed signs of exhaustion, particularly those travelling with children.

royal tern mom and child
A Royal Tern kid complaining to his mom…

But most took it in stride. And a few even took advantage of the showers in the arrival lounge.

sandwich tern bathing 2
A Sandwich Tern taking a shower…

That’s what holiday travel is at busy airports. But at smaller airports, like the salt marsh, it was much more laid back. One takeoff or landing every now and then.

great egret flying_tm
A Great Egret taking off…
anhinga 2
An Anhinga just landed…

And even the personnel in the tower could take a nap in between flights. With a half eaten lunch still on the table.

papa osprey sleeping w a fish in his talons_tm
Papa Osprey taking a nap with full crop…and a fish tail still in his talons…

There was some through traffic though above the salt marsh. And some cargo traffic too.

great egret flying
A Great Egret passing over salt marsh…
another osprey with half fish flying
Another Osprey, probably Stanley, flying over the salt marsh with a fish…

The control tower was certainly alert when needed. Some landing permissions were not granted.

papa osprey following the traffic
Papa Osprey scanning the skies…

Particularly for big “birds” like these.  They didn’t have feathered wings.

flying moped boat_tm
A manmade bird flying over the salt marsh…
flying moped_tm
…and another one…

All holiday travelers were not going by air, of course. There was some boat traffic too on the lakes in the salt marsh.  Very relaxing cruises, suitable for those who have all the time in the world.

muscovyduck and moorhen
A Muscovy Duck and a Moorhen cruising in the salt marsh…

May your holiday travels be pleasant and safe. ❤ Tiny

32 thoughts on “Holiday Travel. And All Its Trials.”

    1. Happy you enjoyed it Nancy! I got the idea for this post when I saw the rush on the beach, so much action was going on there couple of days ago. Not a dull moment.

  1. Tiny, I am laughing SO hard!!! OMG!! Priceless is right!!! This post is a riot! You must have been grinning when you created this. And to actually see all that action with your busy mind conjuring up stories … just too funny!!! You are a riot! (((HUGS))) Amy

    1. I’m happy the birds made you laugh, Amy! They did that to me too! And they practically dumped this post in my lap. Nature never ceases to amaze me. Hugs to you too and have a great weekend!

      1. Hehehehehehe They were just begging to get your attention, Tiny. How lucky you are to be living where you are. I LOVE when Nature speaks SO loudly it is as though She puts something in front of you on purpose! LOL Happens to me quite a lot! Never ceases to amaze me either!!! Happy weekend, Tiny! Love, Amy

    1. I’m sure you noticed they are traveling light…And miraculously they always end up where they are going, even when migrating thousands of miles 🙂

  2. Loved this! Smiling at the natural beauty in the photos juxtaposed with the metaphor of human travel. Happy Holy Days to you Tiny! Thank you for the wonderful gifts of nature and stories that you give us…so beautifully woven. Blessings to you!

    1. It’s amazing how much inspiration nature provides to us! It never ceases to amaze me. I wish you a wonderful Christmas and a blessed New Year!

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