Pre-holiday Sing-out. In the Salt Marsh.

It’s been a busy week for many of us.  But for the birds in the salt marsh it’s been a cool and quiet week. Lots of hunching and huddling, rain and winds early in the week, then cool temperatures throughout.

Walking into the salt marsh the other day, however, I was in for a surprise pre-holiday sing-out. Upon arrival, I was greeted by a beautiful song performed flawlessly by a Northern Mockingbird.

A Northern Mockingbird greets with a beautiful song...
A Northern Mockingbird greets with a beautiful song…

Next, I approached Papa Osprey’s nest. Eyes half closed, and looking like an opera singer, Papa was singing his heart out! It was a long and beautiful song. The chorus repeated twice. I wish I understood the lyrics, but I have a suspicion that he was singing for Mama Osprey. “It’s almost Christmas…Darling come home!” Or something similar.

papa osprey yawns
Papa Osprey sings his heart out!

Nearby, a beautifully dressed Snowy Egret was singing too. The subject of his affection might have been a shy-looking lady on the other side of the water.

snowy egret singing
A Snowy Egret sings for…
snowy egret starts to develop plumes
…his beautiful date.

Little further out an Ibis was serenading…someone. I’m guessing it was one or all of the girls in a tree nearby.

ibis singing
An Ibis serenades…
...the girls in the tree.
…the girls in the tree.

Then I heard another Osprey calling. And singing. It proved to be Papa’s friend Steve. Maybe he was calling for Mrs. Steve, whom I haven’t had the pleasure to meet as yet? Or just getting into holiday spirit? I have no idea, but he was certainly participating in the sing-out wholeheartedly.

Osprey Steve  is singing too
Papa’s friend Steve is singing out too…

A slow warming trend has been promised for the weekend and into next week, so the birds have something to look forward to even before the holidays.

I hope your weekend will be warm  – in the home and in the heart. ❤ Tiny