Osprey tail feathers

Flop! You Can’t Surprise Papa Osprey.

This morning I approached Papa Osprey’s nest walking silently on the grass behind the nest. A surprise visit. I was wondering how close I could get before he’d discover I was there. I shot the first picture of his tail feathers. And was discovered right away!

papa osprey discovers tiny
PO discovers Tiny…

In addition to sharp eyes, he has an excellent hearing too. He heard me despite a Blue Jay giving a high-pitched concert in a tree behind me. You know how they sound.

bluejay c
A Blue Jays serenades in a tree close by…

At the same time Papa was keeping an eye on  a Turkey Vulture circling high overhead. This only confirms my earlier conclusion that he’s a skilled multitasker.

papa osprey sees the turkey vulture3
Look Tiny, that’s a Turkey Vulture!
turkey vulture
And so it is… a Turkey Vulture circles high above the salt marsh…

We talked for a while, as we always do. I told him I’d be away traveling for a few days, and he promised me to continue keeping watch on the skies for Mama Osprey.

florida snow
Florida “snow” on the ground…

Then I continued my walk around the salt marsh. In many places the ground was covered by “snow” from the flowering trees. Even the Moorhen was swimming in a light “snowfall”.

moorhen 2
A Moorhen…

Next, I spotted a “long-time-no-see” Reddish Egret in the shallow waters. Initially, he seemed startled to spot me. But soon recovered and continued his search for some brunch items.

reddish egret c
A Reddish Egret discovers Tiny…
reddish egret bt
…then continues his search for food.

His relative, the Snowy Egret, was the third one to surprise me. He walked right up from the marsh and did an impressive shake-baby-shake routine on the grass next to me.

snowy egret woke up_tm
A Snowy Egret appears in the grass…
snowy egret shaking herself tm
…and starts a shake routine
snowy egret shaking some more tm
…that includes a head swinging exercise too.

I decided I’d walk a bit deeper into the park to see if I could find any of Papa Osprey’s friends. I came to the dead palm trunk favored by all three ospreys around here. Nobody at home. Then whoosh! Stanley flew in with a big fish!

Osprey with a fish Clearwater FL
Stanley caught a big fish…

That impressive meal got all his attention. And I decided it was time to go home. Enough surprises for one day. Although quite wonderful ones.

Have a great weekend everyone! ❤ Tiny


30 thoughts on “Flop! You Can’t Surprise Papa Osprey.”

    1. They do! And I love your hawks too! I’m so lucky to have the three ospreys living in the park right next to us. And at least one nest, maybe more, if the two others are ready to nest this year. I can’t wait until PO and MO start “nestorations” in January!

  1. Absolutely amazing pictures sweet Tiny. I love the look on Papa’s in the first picture…great capture. Lovely birds you got pictures of. I am in awe at how those long skinny legs on the egrets hold their bodies up. Very nice shot of the bluejay too, I know very well how they sound…they can make some noise for sure. He is most likely what gave you away when you were trying to get close to Papa. 🙂 Hugs

    1. Thanks dear Maggie! I also like the look on Papa’s face when he discovered me there 🙂 The Blue Jay was really loud and so fast that it was difficult to take a clear picture of him.

  2. Looks like you and are both heading out for some travel. I’m off to Vancouver tomorrow. Will spend the week out there with my local rep, and getting to know the team in that office. Safe travels.

    1. I fully agree! These guys get the best of the best local fish. They even eat Grouper that we can’t always get in the shops although it lives right here in the ocean 🙂

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