Wordless Wednesday: Little Feet. And how to use them. Frame by Frame.

You can use your little feet to run around among the treasures on the beach...
You can use your little feet to run around picking shiny bargains…
two sanderlings on the beach
…or you can lean on one foot to have a lengthy, relaxed conversation
two royal terns
…or you may stand on one foot to rest the other while learning to know your neighbor
royal tern mom and teen
…or you can run after mommy or someone else important you need to talk to
gull taking off
…or you could use them to get away from sticky situations
...or you can use them as landing gear
…or you might use them as landing gear to ensure a soft landing
northern mocking bird
…or you could park your feet on the top of a tree and sing your heart out
mourning dove
…or you can curve your toes around a safe branch to ensure stability in life
house sparrow
…or you might just sit on your little feet in deep thought – and go nowhere at all.


16 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Little Feet. And how to use them. Frame by Frame.”

    1. Thanks so much Takami! Smaller birds may not be as “dramatic” as the big ones, but they certainly are cute and full of expression 🙂

  1. Tiny, you truly are one of a kind. Just beautiful shots and your words, some made me laugh out loud while others I pondered upon. Hope you have a great day today! Love, Amy

    1. Thanks dear Amy. Nature is the best inspiration for me, and I know it’s for you too. It provides lots of laughs as well as more serious ponderings. Have a great day, my friend.

  2. Beautiful, beautiful pictures sweet Tiny. The captions are great. Those little feet can get a lot done and you did fantastic capturing them doing so. Hugs

    1. Happy you liked the little feet Maggie! These little birds provide so much inspiration to me on a daily basis, so I thought it was their turn to shine 🙂

    1. Thanks for your kind words Kathy. I laughed too when I saw the pic I had taken of the two Royal Terns. Nature is such a wonderful inspiration for us!

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