Wordless Wednesday: Diving 101. Frame by Frame.

pelican before the dive
Start off by flying as usual. Keep an eye on the water.
pelican dive aa
Once you detect something you want to fetch, choose your dive style (shown below). Then turn your nose down, speed up and prepare to dive.
pelican dive style 11
Dive style 1: The back flip.
pelican dive style 22
Dive style 2: The fighter jet.
pelican dive  style 33
Dive style 3: The torpedo.
pelican dive cc
Whatever style you choose, in the water you go. With a splash.
pelican dive dd
Once you’ve fetched whatever you were after, start the surfacing process immediately by flapping your wings vigorously.
pelican after the dive
Back on the surface, shake off excess water as shown. That’s it. Good luck to you.

22 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Diving 101. Frame by Frame.”

    1. Thanks Bob! I take my pictures while I run and walk outside and I almost never use our DSLR camera because of the need to carry multiple lenses so I was taking pics with my iPhone or a small point and shoot…until this past summer when I got a bridge camera (Canon SX50HS). It is light weighing only 21 oz and has a 50 X optical zoom (24-1200 in 35 mm equivalent). It has all the manual settings I need and also shoots in raw…and the best thing is that I actually have a camera with me almost everywhere I go…it fits in my purse and in my running pouch 🙂 So for now …until I get more free time to really get into photography that’s what I use.

  1. Hey Tiny, thank you for sharing your camera details here. I was asking myself the same thing as the other blogger asked of you: which camera/lens. I’m amazed a point and shoot digital gives this quality of photo. I’m adding the Canon SX50 HS to my wish list.

    1. Happy you got an item for your wish list. The auto settings I’ve tried are excellent. I use it more like I would use an DSLR or previously the 35 mm. The zoom is super great but takes some practice to handle. I’ve been very happy with it. Even my hubby who has the expensive Canon with 5 lenses (heavy!!) starts to believe this is a good one…for me 😀

      1. I bought a big clunky camera with lens attachment a few years back, but never want to carry all that bulk around with me. Certainly not when I’m hauling my ass up a mountain, that’s for sure. This might be the perfect option. Of course it would mean reading a manual to figure it all out. I’m not very good at that (instructions, I mean). But… i’m motivated by the potential, having seen your photos.

  2. Oh, Tiny, how you make me laugh!!! And great shots, my friend!! Just wow! I really get a kick out of your sense of humor. There really is a “message” behind your words ….. I hear it. (smile) Love, Amy

    1. Thanks Amy! I’m happy my little “serials” make you laugh. I come up with these when I see/edit my pictures…and I laugh too. Have a great day, Amy. Many hugs!!

    1. Oh, many, many fish were eaten. Eight pelicans were competing with each other and I just chased them back and forth along the beach for a couple of hours, good exercise 🙂

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