At Home. In My Habitat.

It’s nice to be away. Change surroundings every now and then. Enjoy the company of people precious to us. Do other stuff. Take a break. But after a wonderful time away, it’s good to come home too. To me it also means coming home to my nature experience. So soothing.

pelican at sunset
A Pelican at sunset time…

“Nature is not a place to visit. It is home” – Gary Snyder

You guessed it. The first thing I wanted to do after returning home was to take a walk on the beach and check on Papa Osprey in the nature reserve.

papa osprey portrait
Papa Osprey says hi…

He was doing just fine. And seemed quite happy to see me, don’t you think? Actually, everything was fine and very lively. It seems that the “snow birds” have returned in big numbers. Just look at this Ibis island.

family of ibis with juvenile
Family gathering…

The whole extended family with a juvenile had come to enjoy the comforts of the nature reserve. And Egrets were out in big numbers as well. I counted 22 Great and Snowy Egrets in the salt marsh!

great white egret
Great Egret hunting…
snowy egret grooming
Snowy Egret grooming…

And a Roseate Spoonbill was flying high over Papa osprey’s nest on her way to the more dense areas of the park.

roseate spoonbill flying
Roseate Spoonbill flying high over the park…

I witnessed many interesting developments, but I’ll leave those for later posts in the next couple of weeks. Now I’ll be off reading blogs, lots to catch up on!  ❤

40 thoughts on “At Home. In My Habitat.”

    1. Thanks Jackie! Happy to see you as well!! All well – had a wonderful time! And it was so much fun to see PO again…I have a funny story to tell, later 🙂

  1. Where did you venture off to, Tiny? Or are you saving that story for an upcoming blog post?

    The pictures are amazing, once again! Love your bird shots – gorgeous!

    1. I went to North Florida (4 h drive) to visit my son’s family. Love, grandkids, gorgeous weather, good food …had a blast! Feel so young I wonder how I can have 2 grandkids 😀

  2. Welcome home! I missed you! And these photos are SO COOL! The closeup of the second one is OMG perfect. That bird adores you by the way! I am stunned by the way he allows you to capture him. He trusts you, Tiny! (((HUGS))) Amy

    1. Thanks dear Amy for your encouragement to become a better photographer. It means a lot!! I too believe Papa Osprey trusts me by now because he can get quite upset with other people walking “too close” to the nest. Hugs to you too!!

  3. It’s lovely to return home. 🙂 Did Bumble greet you with great joy? Jack and I haven’t been apart for more than a weekend until this last trip of 8 days. He was beside himself with joy when I collected him from the kennels. I am sure Papa Osprey was pleased to see you, too.

    1. Bumble was VERY happy, jumping up and down! It’s wonderful to see time after time how much they love us. Papa Osprey has truly accepted me now, I got “proof” of it…for a later story 🙂

      1. It truly is amazing. Their love is enormous. I am curious about Papa Osprey! In Cairns, an osprey flew overhead as I put out the laundry. I thought, “Oh, I am like Tiny. I have an osprey.” But, unlike Tiny, I didn’t have a camera ready. 😦 It looked quite a young one.

    1. Happy you enjoyed the photos…the bird on the waves is a Royal Tern. They are lively and funny to observe…this one was diving for fish.

    1. Thanks LL! Yes, this was a place I was looking to come to when I was able to start my own company. Only 30mins from TPA and all the culture/conveniences, yet completely surrounded by nature and water. My hubby doesn’t want to leave at all, but I’m a traveling soul… XO

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