Flooding in Paradise. Birds’ delight.

Yesterday was a magnificent day. Wednesday’s rain event of the year was over. The sky was blue again, and everyone in the nature was happily active. And I mean just about everyone.

birds in flood water mass shower
Public bath…in the brand new rainwater lake.

I went for a long walk on the flooded beach, where the gulls and the terns where taking a collective bath in the brand new rainwater lake. It was like a crowded salon spa. A place for everyone to be.

two pelicand flying be
Tandem flying by pelicans.

The pelicans were back on the beach too, practicing tandem flying and synchronized diving.

two pelicans double dive 3
A dive well synchronized…

But I also witnessed them trying to catch the same fish. Not a recommended practice. Like in any competition, only one can win. Or perhaps the fish wins.

two pelicans dive for same fish
Diving for the same fish?

That’s exactly what happened. The fish was spared this time around. One of the pelicans was back up on his wings immediately, but the other one appeared a bit dazed for a while.

pelicans landing
What just happened?

I was curious to see what the torrential rains had done in the nature reserve and found a path to the park that didn’t require a kayak.

salt marsh after rains
West end of the salt marsh…and formerly dry grassy patches now underwater…

I immediately saw that the water level in the salt marsh was up by several inches.

salt marsh after rain flood
East end of the salt marsh…fish swimming in the previously very shallow water…and my usual photo spot is underwater too.

Some of the small “islands” were completely or partially underwater, and fish were happily swimming in areas that were very shallow or dry earlier this week. Including my low-lying photo spots 🙂

great white egret and small blue heron
Great White Egret and a Little Blue Heron surveying the landscape…

It was lovely to see how the birds enjoyed the revitalized environment. They were out and about in big numbers!

green heron 2 918
A Green heron…not in hiding today…

Mister Green Heron, whom I hadn’t spotted for quite a while was enjoying the great views. He was in such a good mood that he even posed for a portrait.

green heron portrait 2
A Green Heron sitting for a portrait…

He shared the tree with a juvenile Yellow Crowned Night Heron, who was perfectly camouflaged between the branches.

another juvenile yellow crowned night heron 2
A juvenile Yellow Crowned Night Heron well camouflaged…

A little later I spotted her cousin, a juvenile Black Crowned Night Heron, at the other end of the marsh.

juvenile yelloe crowned night heron
A juvenile Black Crowned Night Heron not so well camouflaged …

Papa Osprey was there too, at his nest like I’ve seen him every single day from my terrace, keeping an eye on the skies.

papa osprey watching the skies 2
Surveillance underway by Papa Osprey…
papa osprey in the nest 918
What’s going on down there?

And the ground, where Tiny was waving to him, and where a Muscovy Duck and a Tricolored Heron were looking for food in the new shallows.

tricolored heron and muscovy duck
A Tricolored Heron and a Muscovy Duck looking for lunch…

After spending more than an hour with the birds, I decided to go home through the beach, taking a shortcut at the tree line. There was a small strip of sand free of water and I managed to walk dry-footed to the side of our garden, which is elevated several feet higher.

beach flooded after the rains
A new and temporary lake on the beach…

But there I was trapped by a new  four-foot wide “river” and my shortcut became a longish detour instead.

It was great to see such joy and activity among the birds. I truly enjoyed my long walk. I hope you did too. Have a wonderful weekend ❤ Tiny


30 thoughts on “Flooding in Paradise. Birds’ delight.”

    1. Thanks Eric. It seems that PO is guarding the nest, staying there for a few hours every day…although the nesting season here starts in December-January. He’s an “early bird” …

  1. Ah the rejuvenation of some good rain! Everyone wins! Great shots too tiny. You are really getting so good at this! 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend my friend ❤

    1. Thanks Bob! I’ve not seen the birds so active for several weeks. I guess the summer heat made them want to hide…and now we’re going towards more pleasant temperatures.

  2. I did enjoy my walk. Seems the birds adapt more quickly to a changed environment than we do. Of course they have the advantage of an aerial view of the lay of the land so know where to go. The green heron is gorgeous. Please tell him so when next you see him. 🙂

    1. Thanks for coming along Gallivanta! The birds seemed to really enjoy the higher water levels and the fresh air. The Green Heron is my favorite too. I’ll tell him when I see him again 🙂 He’s probably there all the time, but extremely good in hiding.

    1. The birds were clearly happy for the rains…and we’re still getting more. That marsh has a lot of fish so it’s nice to see the water levels properly up now after the summer.

    1. The birds are so happy now that the water levels in the salt marsh are much higher, thanks to recent overnight downpours. I’m feeling just a little bit of cool down in the air, but look fwd to little more fall like temps. In any case, I’m going to experience the fall on my upcoming trip to Northern Europe at the end of the month. I hope your winter decides to wait a little bit…

    1. Thanks Cindy. I tested a few sites I do not follow and saw that the “follow” icon that used to be at the top of the page after “my sites” and “reader” is no longer there. Instead it pops up at the lower right corner after a little while on the site.

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