Quiet Mind

How does it feel
When your mind is quiet
All chatter is gone
Churning has ceased
And your thoughts rest
On the shores of silence?

How does it feel
When light slowly seeps in
Hope reappears
Gratitude takes hold
And the quiet space
Is filled with peace?





33 thoughts on “Quiet Mind”

  1. Those times when I have felt peace of mind was more wonderful than I know words to describe. Beautiful poem sweet Tiny. Hugs!

      1. But I will add that summiting a tall mountain gives me similar peace and quiet (once I’ve caught my breath…and assuming I give myself time to rest and enjoy the view versus turning around and immediately heading back down). 🙂

    1. For me, the quiet moments have helped to balance out the extreme stress and busyness I had to live with for so many years with demanding work, constant travel and raising a family…saved me, so to speak.

  2. Like HEAVEN when I can get there, Tiny! (smile) Chattering monkeys don’t let go easily but when they do I am HOME! And OH how I want to stay there!!! Have a wonderful day and I thank you for another wonderful, insightful poem. (((HUGS))) Amy

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