Kids. They Grow Up So Fast.

There is a new batch of  Moorhen chicks in the salt marsh. I discovered them first about three weeks ago. They are truly the most difficult bunch to get to pose for camera, thanks to their protective mom. They’re hiding in the high grass and under the trees and bushes at the edge of water.

moorhen  kids hiding

I have gotten stiff branches in my face many times and almost fallen into the shallow water when trying to catch a clear sight of these little chicks. Acrobatic skills required my friends.

smallest moorhen chick swimming
Swimming between “islands”
small morrhen chick
Small explorations…

When they first came out of the nest for short adventures between the small islands, they were round, black fur balls.

moorhen middle chick
On the water…looking for mom

Then a week ago I spotted them again.  They had started their transformation into teenagers. You know, different hair and changes all over. Coupled with an attitude.

moorhen kid 6 where is mom
Where are you mom?!!

They adventured out on their own, but as soon as mama Moorhen was out of sight they got anxious and very loud.

the biggest moorhen kid 906
The biggest chick…a pretty teen

Then a couple of days ago I saw them again…exploring the world on their own. And discovering themselves too…marveling at their huge feet.

moorhen kid  looking at his foot
Oh, my feet are really huge…

Needless to say they were quite amusing to watch. They were still very small, less than half of the size of their mom, but already starting to lose their fluffy baby feathers.

moorhen kid aww
I’m still cute, right?

Please don’t get me wrong. They are still very cute. And a photo is worth every scratch on my legs and bur in my socks. ❤ Tiny


29 thoughts on “Kids. They Grow Up So Fast.”

    1. Thanks Bob! Mama Moorhen is so protective of the little ones that it was almost impossible to get pictures of them. Once she peeps they hide 😀 Yes, they are cute and ugly at the same time until they get their adult “dress” which is very beautiful, I think.

    1. Happy you liked these “kids”. They have a truly great mom. Earlier this week they were out and about seemingly by themselves, but somewhere mom was watching. When I approached the edge of the water, I heard her call and puff, both chicks were gone 🙂

  1. Sorry about the branches in the face and other issues but you got some beautiful shots of those growing babies. They are so cute! Hugs

    1. Thanks Maggie! They grow up so fast! Next time when I spot them, I’m sure they’ll already look more like adults, just smaller versions 🙂 Hugs to you too!

  2. You’re right, all ‘kids’ grow so quickly 🙂 And I understand how you almost fell into shallow water while trying to make the perfect shot (it happened to me too) 😀 As always, thank you for sharing your adventures.

    1. Thanks Takami! We have to try to keep ourselves from swimming with our camera 😀 unless it’s an underwater one…I haven’t tried that as yet.

  3. So in my mind I did see a very earnest, mostly very patient lady with a camera going “arse over kettle” into the water. I know you didn’t but it COULD have happened 🙂 I’m wondering, though, would that count as a “tiny” splash?

    1. LoL — I would make quite a big, nice plash 😀 and I’ve been close to finding out how big. If that ever happens, I hope I can keep my camera from diving into the water too…that would be presenting some “fall-down comedy” for the birds.

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