Finding Calm

Are you listening to the silence?

Hearing its slow wing beats.

Gazing into life’s depths.

Witnessing inner strength be born.

Sensing worry dissipating.

Finding calm in the middle of struggle.

Be still. 

Be present here.

Open your heart.

Listen to the blessed silence.

30 thoughts on “Finding Calm”

  1. Your photography is truly amazing, Tiny. I’m always wowed by the photos, but this time the combination of photograph and words just blew me away. I’ve been editing a very personal and difficult-to-write post for the past couple of hours. This was exactly the sentiment that I needed at this moment. xoxo

    1. Thanks Nancy! My hubby says I’ve been bitten by the photo bug…and it might be true, trying to learn little more every day. Happy you like my poem, wrote it this morning much for myself…needed to find calm and it kind of helped. Funny. I’ll head over to see if you’ve already posted. XOXO

    1. Thanks Jackie! As I said above the photo bug bit me and the only way to cure the bite is to take more photos 😀 I needed to calm down this morning so this poem just “came out” XOXO

    1. Thanks Maggie, I’m so happy you like it. We are so busy and often full of worries that silence, when we can get it, feels soothing. Many hugs to you too!

  2. I comfortably spend a lot of time in and with silence, Tiny. And odd to many, I find calm in darkness, just as I do with radiant light. Your words are lovely, as is your flying friend.:)

    1. Thank you Eric. We all have our way to get to our silent place. I love when I can spend alone time in the nature…or with a few friends like this one 🙂

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