No Schedule. It’s Liberating.

Hi Mom, you’re  back already! I decided to jump back to bed when I saw you’d gone out for your morning run. Come and join me! But take your shower first. I’ll keep the bed warm…and you can have half of my pillow. Is that a deal, Mom?

It’s nice to sleep in when we’re not going anywhere. No visit to the Grooming Shop, no doctor, no errands and no trip to Smart Pet. No schedule! It’s liberating. And it’s Saturday. Again. Where did the week go? It’s like Labor Day was just yesterday. I remember ’cause I got to taste Wieners.  Right from the grill at sunset time. Memorable.

sailing boat at sunset Gulf Beach
Sunset on our beach…

I want to plan some unscheduled fun for today. Like taking Mom for a long walk. But we’re not going to the nature reserve. I’m tired of waiting when she sets up her portrait studio. For the birds.

tri-colored heron portrait
One of mom’s portraits, a Tri-colored Heron…

Come here. Look this way. No, look that way. It sounds quite ridiculous when she tries to get the birds to pose for her camera. And very boring.


bayside shopping center c
The bay-side shopping center…

So we’ll be walking south today. We’ll pass the shopping center. And on the way back we’ll pop into Carmen’s deli. Just long enough to say hi and get a treat.

Bayside waters Clearwater
The bay from the board walk…

Then we’ll walk back on the bay side board walk. And just around the corner we’ll stop again. At the ice cream shop.

Bumble in the morning
Me…just waking up…

You look great, mom! I’m not tired anymore. I have a plan. I’ll tell you after you get your coffee. Let’s go! It’ll be a great day!

I hope you all have a great day and a wonderful weekend ❤ Bumble



43 thoughts on “No Schedule. It’s Liberating.”

      1. They have great plans for us! Cat or dog 😀 Bumble’s plan worked quite well today…I hope you guys had a wonderful day too! Many hugs from both of us, Tiny & Bumble

    1. Bumble loves your comment! We had a great day…and now he’s happily sleeping here in my office. Hi to you and Sam from both of us ! ❤

  1. Now that’s one gorgeous little puppy dog.! Hug, hug..
    Well Helen, Saturday was a beautiful Spring day here in Oz. The garden glowed with a little Spring rain, the sky was bright blue for most of the day, and I lazed about with a good cuppa or two. Ahhhhh, life is goooood.
    And your images are incredibly good. Love the tri coloured Heron; we haven’t this particular beauty here; my little hearted soared when I saw him. Great snap! Bumble will have to learn to have more patience. Good images take effort…! 😀

    1. Happy to hear about your gorgeous spring day! Today was quite gloomy here…not cool, but grey, which is a bit unusual. Thanks for your kind words too! Bumble is more patient now that he’s older 🙂 He’ll be 14 later this fall.

      1. My goodness, Helen; he looks so young. He’s obviously a much adored, pampered and loved little pooch who gives as much as he gets. He’s so sweet looking.
        Have a great evening… 😉

  2. Tiny, I have been trying to put an image link to my blog on my Gravatar but it keeps coming up with my old header image. How did you get your gravatar to show your current blog header?

    1. Hi there! I just went to dashboard, users, personal settings, profile details, then scrolled down to links and copied the links to each of my websites when in “home” view. I hope this works for you.

  3. Awwwwwww Bumble, you are a cutie pie! I miss seeing you! IAM glad you had a good Labor Day. I have to say, mom’s pictures are awesome!!!she is great! I love that picture of you and the one of the colorful bird too!!!

  4. I’m just thinking–barring any tropical storms–this time is likely the best time of the year in your place. Temperatures just right and summer growth showing its best just before the changeover…

  5. Reblogged this on TINY LESSONS BLOG and commented:

    Very sad news. Our dear Bumble left us yesterday. I’m heartbroken as I had to say goodbye to my faithful friend who has been my “shadow” day and night for over ten years since his rescue at Christmas 2006. Bumble was full of love, the whole little dog was one big heart. Rest in Peace.
    I am reblogging one of “his” last posts.

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