Drama in the Nature Reserve.

One day at the end of July, I witnessed quite a drama in our peaceful nature reserve. A thunder storm approached from the ocean and severe lightning followed, but no rain. Suddenly the lightning hit very close. An explosion I could feel in my feet. Lights flickered and the ground shook. The storm was over in a few minutes, as it usually is, but then I heard emergency vehicles. I went onto the terrace to see what had happened.

fire trucks in Sand Key park
Emergency vehicles in the park
firemen at work in the park
Firemen at work…and the Thriller on its way out on the ocean

I could see fire trucks at the north parking lot, and an ambulance was just leaving.  It seemed to me that the lightning strike had hit the northern end of the park, somewhere close to the beach. Apparently someone had been injured and there was a fire.

lightning stike fire in Sand Key Park Clearwater
The burnt area of the park

After such a drama in our usually tranquil environment, I decided to go out and check on the birds in the salt marsh and see what damage the lightning strike had done. I was happy to learn from the firemen that the injured beachgoer was going to be fine. And to find that the bush fire had been put out very quickly. It had only burned a very small area of grass and damaged two palm trees. It had spared this huge old tree nearby!

giant  tree sand key park
The trunk of the huge old tree
The essence of summer Sand Key Clearwater
Activities resumed…

People were back to their normal activities of beach fun and fishing. And the birds were too. In the salt marsh, on my way back, I spotted a rare visitor, a wood stork.

wood stork in nature reserve 724
Mr. Wood Stork in the salt marsh

The Great White Egret was enjoying peaceful fishing too.

Egret in the nature reserve Sand Key Clearwater
The beautiful Great White Egret

And the duck family was already on the move.

And everyone is accounted for...
And everyone is accounted for…

The drama was over. Life had returned to normal. And that’s how we prefer it.

Have a wonderful, peaceful weekend, everyone!

30 thoughts on “Drama in the Nature Reserve.”

  1. Nature… I believe she reminds us in her own ways and on a timeline we’re not intended to understand, She creates beauty and she taketh away. Good to learn that all ended reasonably well. Good weekend wishes returned!

    1. I fully agree. I’m happy the man did not get life threatening injuries and all the other people nearby survived off with a fright. The learning here is that nobody should stay on the beach when they hear a thunderstorm approaching. I wish you all the best with what you’re dealing with right now. Warm regards

    1. Yes we can learn so much from the nature – and also need to respect its power and act accordingly. Warm regards and hugs to you my friend!

    1. I thought about that too and now I am almost sure they do. I can see a small part of the marsh with binoculars from my terrace and one time when the storm started I observed that the birds moved out of the water and onto the grass or into the bushes.

    1. Yes, I’m hoping that too. That man was lucky and so were the others little further down on the beach who were thrown onto the sand by the sheer power of that strike. And all the birds were ok 🙂

    1. Thanks Amy! Today is sunny and peaceful…I’m just planning another run outdoors to see some of my friends, the birds in the salt marsh 🙂 Have a wonderful day, hugs!

  2. Normal in your peaceful reserve is simply awesome! And the quick response to the unplanned natural drama is impressive. Overall, it’s a wonderful commentary for your home environment.

    1. Thanks Cyndi! We are very lucky to have our fire station just outside that park, between the park and the bay. Their response was immediate.

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