A Wild Dance Just Because It’s Summer.

This morning when I took a quick walk on the beach and in the nature reserve, I witnessed something really funny. A Reddish Egret, not a permanent resident in the salt marsh, was walking frantically back and forth in the shallow water. Fast. Like he was crazy busy. That’s what Mondays do to you, I thought.

reddish egret bird 728
A Reddish Egret walking fast…

Then, suddenly, he went into a wild dance. Feathers stood up on his head and he flexed his wings vigorously, one at the time. Swinging like he was hearing an inner tune.

reddish Egret the wild man 728
A wild dance (check out the eyes!)

Right after the brief dance, he turned around with lightning speed and picked up something eatable from the water. I wonder if the dance was to put the prey under his spell?

reddish egret fishing 728

I have not seen anything like that before. I was laughing, LOL’ing in fact, if you know what I mean.

I had to do an extra 1/2 mile swing to see if Papa Osprey was still hanging around on his favorite palm trunk.

papa osprey 719
Papa Osprey on his palm trunk seat

And there he was! Handsome as always. It’s nice to see he didn’t move very far. He didn’t talk today, just nodded a greeting. I guess it was getting too hot.

I hope your week has started well. Maybe with a wild dance just because it’s summer?

15 thoughts on “A Wild Dance Just Because It’s Summer.”

  1. Nothing like a little jazz in the heat–the egret just has a little soul 🙂 Speaking of which, since June 30 we’ve been pretty much as warm as you. Average temp for July has been 77 F. It’s to be 86 today and maybe 95 with the humidex. Fortunately in my “spot” (the Teaching and Learning Commons) the A/C is finally working. BTW–Myself, my wife and youngest daughter are going to Ireland tomorrow for a few weeks. The lower temps will be a relief. Hoping to come back with a new nice pictures.

  2. You capture the coolest things in action sweet Tiny. These picture are fantastic. The papa osprey is sure a handsome bird and you do so well capturing him. Hugs

    1. Thank you Maggie! On some of my walks I get really lucky and on others there’s nothing much to look at when I get home, but the exercise is good in any case. Hugs to you too

    1. I got really lucky, and still today don’t know what took to this red head 🙂 Planning a new “expedition” today, but most days I’ll just get good exercise…

  3. what great photos!, He is so cute I can see why you were LOL’ing
    I love his dance…!
    your Papa Osprey looks so wise sitting there, has he been speaking with the owls to gather their knowledge 🙂
    Thank you for sharing such a happy day, I like it very much, mine
    was pulling ragweed slowly so I get as much of the root as possible, though a couple Turkey Vultures watched me, maybe they I would give out first 🙂
    Thank you again for sharing your world with us….
    Take Care…you Matter…

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