Summer on the Beach. Water Fun and Guard Duty.

It was a fairly stormy week. On so many levels. Sun and the blue skies returned just in time for the weekend. It was soothing to sit on the sand and listen to the ocean waves rolling in.

Sand Key Beach Clearwater Florida
Brilliant summer day on our beach

When it’s sunny it’s hot. Lots of people were having fun in the water and on the water too. Birds were taking frequent baths.

Fun on the water Sand Key Clearwater
Fun on the water

This “new-guy-on-the-block” osprey had just been taking a cooling bath and sat under nature’s hair dryer next to the bay. He was shaking his wings and airing his feathers. And keeping an eye on me in between.

osprey drying himself Sand Key Clearwater
Hi Tiny, it was a good swim!

I also spotted papa osprey again! He had taken over the coveted curved “seat” on a dead palm tree. He had been swimming too, but was already almost dry. Still preening his feathers when I arrived. He discovered me soon enough and said his hello 🙂 Lovely as always.

Papa Osprey preening his feathers
Papa Osprey preening his feathers
male osprey Sand key Park Clearwater
Papa Osprey on a nice “seat” up in the palm tree

In the nature reserve, the ducks were having a family reunion. On the water, of course. They were taking turns in soaking their heads in the water. Or maybe it was a diving competition?

Mallards in the salt marsh of Sand Key Park Clearater
Mallard family reunion

One mallard was not playing. He had guard duty. The spoonbill was sleeping. Too much sun makes you sleepy.

mallard and roseate spoonbill clearwater
On guard duty…

I think it’ll soon be the time to put Bumble on guard duty too and call it a day.

Have a wonderful week ahead. ♥ Tiny


22 thoughts on “Summer on the Beach. Water Fun and Guard Duty.”

    1. Some days I’m lucky and find Papa…I hope he stays on the palm trunk for a while ’cause now I know where to look 🙂

  1. There’s nothing as awesome (and I mean it literally here; too bad that word is over used to the point that it’s lost its impact) as the sights, sounds and smells from the seashore in the stormy season.
    That’s a lot of sibilants for one sentence 🙂

  2. One of my favorite parts about the summer and hanging out at the beaches is the wild life that also comes out to enjoy the weather. I haven’t seen anything as cool as Osprey this summer but, surfer dudes and mans best friend have been prevalent in Ca.

  3. We are lucky to have a small nature reserve with salt marsh right next to the beach at the north end of our barrier island, so we see a huge variety of birds – an osprey couple nests there too although the nesting season is over for this year. We don’t have big surf like you guys, other than when it’s quite stormy. That’s when I spot surfer dudes 🙂

    1. Thank you Laurie. The one on the lamp was soaking wet and it was funny how vigorously it tried to get dry. I had never see that before.

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