Summer on the Beach. Ospreys and Old Friends.

I hope your weekend was great. For us it was a weekend of sun and blue skies. And a few sudden thunderstorms as can be expected mid July in Florida.

sand key beach clearwater
Summer beach

Lots of outdoors time for me. Sweaty and refreshing at the same time. The essence of summer.

Clearwater intra-coastal
Bay-side where the ospreys and pelicans like to fish…and people like to get on the water

I enjoyed the beach and the warm Gulf waters, walked in the nature reserve and visited the bay-side too. That’s where I discovered papa osprey! He was perched on a lamp post at the edge of the park, with a strategic view of his fishing waters on the bay across the street.

papa osprey 712
That’s papa osprey!
papa osprey
Hi Tiny!

When I walked past the lamp post, he turned around to look at me. As if saying so Tiny, here we meet again. He was talking a lot and staring intently into the nature reserve to his right. Following his line of sight I soon discovered another osprey on a palm trunk close-by.

Beautiful adult osprey at the edge of the park
Beautiful adult osprey at the edge of the park

His breast was white with no markings so he’s likely a male. He greeted me politely and didn’t seem alarmed.

When I reached the beach on the bay-side, I saw that papa osprey was still watching me . It was wonderful to see him again. I hope to see him more often on my walks now that I have discovered his holdout.

Papa osprey checking on Tiny
Papa osprey checking on Tiny

Heading back home, I walked through the nature reserve. Most birds were hiding in the shadows, but I saw some of my old friends, like this Roseate Spoonbill. He always amazes me with his theatrics.

roseate spoonbill adult
Roseate spoonbill
small blue heron immature
Small Blue Heron juvenile

This juvenile Small Blue Heron was present too, but I saw the Great Blue Heron (the “Mayor”) on the bayside. He was following a fisherman’s luck very closely 🙂

Sand Key Park and salt marsh
A protected and peaceful environment

I hope your week will be productive and beautiful, complete with ospreys and old friends.  Love always, Tiny





28 thoughts on “Summer on the Beach. Ospreys and Old Friends.”

    1. I was so happy to find him again! I hope to learn if he’ll fly further south or stay here until the next nesting season. I got a new camera and next season I can take fairly good pictures of the nest from my terrace too 🙂

  1. You have some great pictures there and I’m happy to say that the weather here is something that now resembles summer too. Just the other day I spied–for a moment–the osprey that lives in the hill behind my house. She’s near a pond so I assume she dines main;y on the small trout in it but I would not be surprised to learn that she occasionally takes a snowshoe hare as they’re very plentiful here. has an It’s worth noting that the varsity teams at the University where i work take their name from the raptor; “Memorial University Sea Hawks”

  2. Thanks Maurice. I got myself a new camera & zoom that gets me much closer to wildlife, thought I had deserved it by now 🙂 Happy your summer has arrived!! Great that you can observe an osprey. Is she alone or are they a family with nestlings?

    1. Thanks Laurie. You are right, these birds have an interesting personality. The more I observe them, the more I like them.

  3. I’m certain I’ve enjoyed more amazing glimpses of our feathered friends in your amazing photos than I have in real life. hugs for that…

  4. Sweet Tiny all of those pictures are absolutely gorgeous!! The captures of the osprey are amazing! Hugs

    1. Thank you Maggie! I’m happy you enjoyed them…I like to try to spot them on my walks and I’m hoping they stay in the area, but there’s a chance that they move more south and spend about 6 months in the Caribbean or South America. I haven’t seen them now for a few days…

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