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Born and raised here. A few ponderings on independence.

Hi this is Bumble again. I know. I’m on the wrong blog, but mom asked me to write a short greeting to all our readers on this Independence Day. She said that since I was the only genuinely American member of this family, born and raised here, I was best placed to do it. To my best knowledge that is true.

Lounging on the terrace
Lounging on the terrace

I was born in Maryland, close to the nation’s capital. I was raised there, abandoned, lived in a shelter, and was finally rescued by mom and dad. Then we moved to Florida together. It all turned out really well at the end, but it could’ve gone south. I mean ended badly.

In my philosophical moments I sometimes ponder about independence. It’s a difficult concept for me to grasp. I once asked mom if it meant that we all could live as we pleased. She said yes and no. What kind of answer is that? I didn’t get it. I guess my jaw dropped and my eyes must have been big as saucers ’cause mom tried to explain herself.

Sporting my new scarf
Sporting my new scarf now that my stitches are gone…

She said that, for example, we could eat whatever we wanted provided we could pay for the food we liked. I was thinking that I could eat chicken liver in cream sauce every day provided mom was rich. But if she was poor, I might not have anything to eat. That explanation is not cut and dry in my book. So mom gave me another example. She said we had the liberty to live wherever we wanted if we could pay for our home. For me the if was a bit disturbing. What if mom and dad couldn’t pay for our home? Would we all live in a shelter, like I did before, or not have a home at all? But I understand we have the freedom to come and go wherever and whenever we want. Like many people who want to come to our beach to celebrate today. Or like me waiting in the kitchen when mom is cooking. Just in case she drops something. Anything.

Sand Key beach Clearwater
Our beach

Then mom said we all have a voice, the freedom to say what we think. That was a bit easier for me to get. We could bark whenever we didn’t like something. Or wanted something. But the latter would need to go with an enthusiastic tail wag.

Then mom said we had all these liberties as long as we lived within the rules we set for ourselves. We all, together, she added. That was good. Nobody else would set the rules. But it still didn’t sound very easy. What if we didn’t agree what those rules should be? Like when it was okay to bark loud on the street, and when it was not?  I might never grasp this, but I think I got the gist of it. Independence is being able to decide for ourselves. And the better we do it together, the better we all have it. Including us dogs, who have voluntarily given up some decision power to our people. Please note I said some. In exchange for love, good food and belly rubs. That’s always an intricate balance.

july 4 scarf
My new July 4 scarf

So now I’ll just enjoy my freedom. And the big bag of treats I got from our friends for Independence Day. I’ll also wear my patriotic scarf today. It’s hand-made by my lovely friend. She’s not only good at sewing beautiful things, but she’s excellent in giving me back rubs. I know.

Last year's fireworks
Last year’s fireworks

Now I look forward to a nice dinner. Followed by treats and fireworks. Happy Independence Day weekend everyone.

Lots of love, Bumble

13 thoughts on “Born and raised here. A few ponderings on independence.”

    1. Thanks Gallivanta. The fireworks were a bit away and we sat with some friends on our terrace, they were just “right” 🙂

  1. I enjoyed how you took a fairly deep topic, and wrote about it in a way that made it fun to read. I hope that you had a wonderful 4th!

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