No…it wasn’t me.

My lunch-time walk in the nature reserve was so much fun today! Here is one short snippet, others will follow later.

This one little island, or rather a patch of grass, in the marsh has become really popular among residents and visitors alike. Today, walking towards the osprey nest (you can see the nest pole in the upper right corner), I saw at least ten birds gathered there. And  became a witness to a funny incident.

We're all grooming...
We’re all grooming…

Lots of grooming was going on. Every bird was making him/herself beautiful, the roseate spoonbill and the ibis were no exceptions.

The Spoonbill aired her feathers...
The Spoonbill aired her feathers…

When the spoonbill flexed its wings, probably to air out loose feathers, the ibis behind her saw something interesting…

I'll just get that quickly...obody needs to know
I’ll just get that quickly…

And acted with lightning speed.

Was it you?
Was it you?

Ouch! Did you just poke me ibis? No….it wasn’t me. I’m minding my own business.

Tiny, you didn't see that, right?
Tiny, you didn’t see that, right?

Then the ibis looked straight at me. As in asking whether or not I had witnessed the incident. When I told him I did capture it all on camera, he got a little upset. I told him he needs to own up to his actions, but I didn’t mention I intended to share the pictures with you. He didn’t ask.

See you all later.

18 thoughts on “No…it wasn’t me.”

    1. The whole thing was so funny. I couldn’t believe my eyes when he picked at the spoonbill and then looked so innocent 🙂

    1. Yes, they are so interesting to observe. It’s a pity that most of them don’t like to pose for a picture …one day I’m sure I’ll take a dive trying to get a portrait.

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