A Day on the Beach

Memorial Day weekend always marks the start of summer, kind of. Many visitors come to our beach to enjoy the warm waters and the sunny weather. I thought I’d invite you too…for a virtual vacation day right here on the beach.

We’ll walk to the beach through the nature reserve. On our way we can observe many different birds, some of them rare, and enjoy the beauty of the marsh and the park.

Once on the beach we’ll make ourselves at home. If you prefer, we can just relax, walk on the beach, collect shells, build sand castles, watch the birds and enjoy the sun and the water. The little “beach café” will stop right outside our “home” in case we forgot to prepare supplies for the day. If we prefer a bigger meal, the tent café is right next to the park.

Or if you want to be active, we can “do” stuff. How about kayaking, parasailing or a nice dolphin tour? Or just speeding on a wave runner? Dolphins might come to greet us! It’s happened to me once or twice. Or we could go for deep sea fishing or be brave and meet the pirates? If we don’t want to be on the water, we can always fly kites on the beach! As you see, there’s lots to do…

And when the evening comes, we can kick back and enjoy the golden sunset over the ocean…before we head back home.

I hope you enjoyed the day on the beach. Have a wonderful long weekend!



18 thoughts on “A Day on the Beach”

    1. Thank you Christine! Happy you enjoyed it. We have lots of visitors here enjoying a mini-vacation over this long weekend.

  1. Happy you took time from your hectic schedule, David, to pay a virtual visit. Tranquil Sand Key (as our place is called in visitor literature) is even better enjoyed in person with family. We’re very welcoming.

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