Lunch. Fresh Seafood.

I couldn’t keep myself from checking on the osprey family again. You knew that, right? I had been spying on the nest from our terrace using binoculars …unfortunately it’s too far for me to get sharp pictures with my current camera gear.

The nest as seen from our terrace (almost half a km away)

So yesterday, after shoving down half a salad late in the lunch hour, I ran out to the nature reserve. Ok – I didn’t really run, but that’s how it felt in the afternoon heat.

Approaching the nest I only saw the mama.  She was observing me. The nestling was laying low, but I could see little movement of his head every now and then. They were not eating lunch as yet.

mamaosprey and nesting lying low
Mama osprey observes Tiny while the nestling is resting (head visible in front of mom). Note the balcony flowers still blooming.

It was about 2 p.m. and papa osprey was nowhere to be seen.  That’s until mama osprey thought I had been too sloppy with my camouflage. She gave out a few short high-pitched whistles, cheep cheep.  The calls were not the kind of frenzied cheereeks I had heard earlier when the dogs approached the nest, but papa osprey appeared almost immediately! He flew over the nest, looked down on me and tipped his hat (sorry, I missed that picture). That’s old Tiny, he seemed to think, no danger from her. He didn’t even circle the nest, just continued to fly high towards the beach. He has great intuition.

ibis flexing
An ibis bird fluffing her feathers
small heron wet 2
A reddish egret drying herself

I decided to turn and walked around the marsh to the other side of the nest  where the ospreys are more used to see joggers and other loose folks like me. I was still a bit away, busy watching some ibis birds and egrets washing and drying themselves in the marsh, when I sensed something in the air. I looked up and saw a huge fish hanging from the talons of papa osprey’s right foot high up in the air!

papa osprey bringing home fish for lunch
Papa osprey brings in fresh seafood

Lunch had arrived, fresh from the ocean! There was activity in the nest. I guessed the fish was portioned out. But I got a surprise! The nestling was being fed by his mama again!

gimme food says baby osprey
Mama, gimme food!
here you go baby mama osprey feeding
Here you go, baby…

I left them to enjoy their lunch in peace and quiet.  It was not yet the time for flying practice.

Fly high now – Tiny


22 thoughts on “Lunch. Fresh Seafood.”

    1. That’s what I thought too! I estimated the fish to be about 80 cm long. So maybe that was a “no-no” for the youngster.

    1. Thanks. That was more luck than skill that I saw him return! If I had been on the lookout, the pictures would have been better, but who has the time to be on lookout at lunch time 🙂

    1. Thanks Jackie! The huge fish was a surprise. When he flew towards the ocean, he had nothing and 10 minutes later he’s caught this one!
      I even thought maybe the female was not upset about me but shouted at him “where’s the food” and he decided to try in the ocean instead 🙂

  1. Tiny, I am amazed at the wonderful pictures you are capturing of all the great wildlife you witness. The picture of Papa Osprey is fantastic!!! What great captures all the pictures are. I love them all. Hugs

    1. Thanks so much Mag! I was truly amazed by the size of the fish he caught, and how he carried it home to the lunch table 🙂 They are just a little family with joys and trials – much like us. Hugs to you too!

    1. Thanks Cyndi! This little family has become so dear to me…they are so much like us, maybe wiser in some way 🙂

  2. I’ve been away for a while! I’m so happy to check in on you and see your gorgeous photos and read your wonderful words! They always give me a lift! Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks David! I enjoyed the dreamy and gracious image of the Great Egret. It’s rare to see them looking straight up with their long neck fully extended – poetic picture.

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