Nature Reserve Neighborhood News

In this weekend edition I’d like to introduce to you our next door neighbor, the Great Blue Heron. He calls our beach and the nature reserve home. Like we do.

When he’s not at work –  fishing in the marsh, he likes to go to the beach. Like we do. He usually checks out  the scene from the rocks at the end of the reserve. His preferred pastime is to watch people fishing. Sometimes he even volunteers to guard the fish bucket. And he doesn’t mind company. Provided it’s of the right kind.

Blue Heron and a Pelican on the beach
Blue Heron and a Pelican on the beach

I also have to update you on the situation regarding other important residents, namely the osprey family. I now know for sure that the couple has one offspring, not two. He is growing fast and seems to be hungry all the time. The papa osprey is away on fishing trips most of the time and the mama osprey seems to be responsible for grooming and feeding the nestling.

Faster mom I am hungry 2
I’m hungry, mom!
Thanks mom! The fish is delicious!
Thanks mom! The fish is delicious!

Sometimes I hear her talking in loud voice to the little one. School starts early! I witnessed such a teaching session earlier this week.

See, I'm flexing my wings!
See, I’m flexing my wings!

At the end of the session the youngster flexed his wings…probably dreaming of the wind carrying him out of the nest.  One of these days he’ll be lucky. I’ll try to keep an eye on him and report on any new developments.

Have a wonderful weekend!

On assignment 🙂


15 thoughts on “Nature Reserve Neighborhood News”

  1. Wonderful pictures tiny! What kind of camera do you use? Oh, I do hope you get pictures of the baby flying his first flight! Have a wonderful weekend my friend!

    1. Thanks Jackie! These pics are taken with a smaller Canon (Powershot S3 IS that I can carry easily on my walks, no heavy lenses but an excellent 12X optical zoom). I too hope to be lucky in capturing his flight. We’ll see. Have a great weekend!

    1. Yes this was a good assignment – apart from a small sunburn. Need to use the baby strength sun lotion on next assignment 🙂

    1. Thanks Cyndi. I’m getting a bit familiar with the family now and they with me. The mother doesn’t get upset when I approach slowly…she knows by now that I’ll back off in time and that I’ll never cross over to the other side of the marsh next to their nest pole like the people with dogs did some time ago.

    1. I have to confess that I “spy” on the nest every morning from our terrace using our strongest binoculars…I just hope I’ll be at home and can make it there in time when the little one tries his wings. Odds probably less than 50/50 but sometimes we get lucky 🙂

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