Osprey Baby News!

That’s right! Those of you who have followed my adventures in the nearby nature reserve will remember that about a month ago I witnessed a drama in the resident osprey family. I then thought that the female was laying on the eggs – and I was right!

Mama Osprey
Mama Osprey

This afternoon I went there again and saw at least one nestling, maybe two. A brown feathered nesting, almost half of the size of the mother lifted his (or her) head when I approached their nest pole. And there might have been another youngster on the other side of the nest. I was too slow with the camera so I can’t be sure.

osprey mom with baby 2
Mama Osprey with a nestling…or two?

The nestling I saw clearly was already flexing his wings. That means he’ll fly in 10-15 days! If I am lucky enough to catch on camera some of the practice sessions, where the parents apparently drop fish in the water for the youngster to catch it, I’ll be sure to share those pictures with you. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.


19 thoughts on “Osprey Baby News!”

    1. This couple has been in the same nest for several years now but this year I’ve kind of become to know them better. I’m hoping to find out if there are more than one youngster.

    1. I’m watching them now…I can see the nest with our strongest binoculars from our terrace. Today I saw the mom feeding the youngster (dad keeps fishing!) so soon he’ll try his wings, I’m sure.

    1. I now think there’s only one and he’ll be flying in no time. I hope to have lots of luck with the timing of my next visit …

  1. That is wonderful, where I grew up we had a reserve where these magnificent birds were allowed to live and reproduce without pressure from humans. It appears that you have the same thing where you are. I can’t wait to see more pictures. Enjoy. 🙂

    1. Yes, this is same type of reserve, all the birds are protected, and people seem to respect that. I love walking there! I hope to get more pictures of the youngster (I now think there’s only one).

  2. I have so been looking forward to this post and pictures. Amazing that you get to observe them and get the fantastic pictures that you do. Thank you so much for sharing with us. Hugs

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