The Movers Came

Uh, huh. The movers came last night. The PC movers. They packed all the programs, files and settings from the shelves and cupboards of my old home. And dumped the boxes overnight in my new home. Faster than promised delivery. I was there at 3 a.m. to check on them. Lots of stuff, 100 plus gigabytes.  It’s all there and nothing is broken. But what a mess! Boxes with minimal descriptions stacked in every corner. Can’t find anything. “Kitchen” could mean plates, cups or a garlic press. You know how it is.

My new home is quite close to my old one. I only moved from number 7b to number 8b on the same street. It’s called Windows. On the outside my new home looks quite similar to the old one. Same curb appeal, but that’s where the similarity stops. I thought I deserved a truly modern home, “all granite and stainless steel”, so to speak. Lot’s of efficient, green power and the latest gadgets. And it’s all there! But I can’t find any owners manuals. I guess I’ll get to use my intuition in learning how to operate everything.

I’m grateful my key worked. And now, coming back home, I only need to walk up to the front door, look up briefly, center myself – and it opens. I’m recognized as the owner. That’s always something. Makes you feel good.

I’ve been sniffing around the boxes this afternoon, opening a few, doing little reconnaissance. Found my blogs, among some other small necessities. I realize that settling into my new home will take some time. Need to open all the boxes, reorganize my furniture and do more decorating. Make myself feel at home. All in its time. Patience. And more patience.

Moving is really stressful. I’m sure you agree. And thanks for your understanding if I can’t find your blog right away. Now I think I’ll need a walk on the beach. Sunset time.

24 thoughts on “The Movers Came”

  1. Hope you enjoy your new home very much once you get everything in place and learn to operate all the new things. Moving is stressful and a lot of work but you have the right idea…time and patience will get it done. Hugs

    1. I hope so! After years and years of using windows 7, this new version (8.1) is quite frustrating in the beginning, one feels like a newbie 🙂 but there are lots of cool features to customize ….

  2. Patience, patience indeed. Some say that moving next door (almost) can be more stressful than moving across country. I did find that so, the few times I did that. But your new place sounds lovely.

    1. This was a virtual move but never the less it can be frustrating…trying to grow my patience and learn to operate the fancy things 🙂

  3. After the stress, comes the ahhhh… Be kind and patient, and enjoy the green environment. It’s wonderful to keep learning, growing and improving our lives! Good for you!!

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