Adjusted Perspective

Sky and grass Africa

It’s all about perspective. When you lay on your back on the parched ground, you will see bright blue skies through the opening formed by your body in the tall elephant grass. It’s yellowed and crispy. It doesn’t move. You see, there is not a breath of wind. Instead, the air is vibrating in the heat, adding shifting patterns to the sky. And you think of dance. Relaxing, slow dance of the universe. Music in B flat. Your perspective on life is being adjusted by Africa.


This is a short sample of the Prologue in the new book I’m writing (or at least trying to). It will be loosely based on my experiences in Africa.


18 thoughts on “Adjusted Perspective”

    1. Happy you like it! This book is much more difficult to write…now that Bumble is not helping. He’s watching though…with some interest.

        1. Oh, he did! And he’s still working. Like this Saturday when we’ll go and talk about adoptions at the Open House of the Pet Hospital. He’ll do most the talking and then he promised to blog about I on his book site too 🙂

    1. Thanks for your trust in me actually getting it out Nancy! I had to put the challenge out here to make sure I give it attention…you’ll understand 🙂

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